My name is Alex, and I am a 19 year old male college student.
I only have a female avatar because I like the way it looks more than the male one.

I'm majoring in Electrical Engineering, and I'm taking a minor in Math as well, because ******** yeah, mathematics!

The things I enjoy most are League of Legends, playing Dungeons and Dragons, listening to music, playing other video games, and writing.

I started playing League about a year ago because my dorm buddies got me to start, and I have been hooked since. I like to just goof around during games if either team has a huge lead, like dance parties between both teams in baron pit, and just having fun with my enemies in general. ADC is my most consistent role, but I am very capable in the jungle as well; the only time I have problems being when all of my lanes lose 1v1 and they all need me.

Dungeons and Dragons is really fun, as it's a nice creative outlet for my friends and I to just do whatever we want. Half the fun in DnD for me is actually creating the character, so I'll spend hours just creating different characters that will most likely never get used. I also use DnD sometimes to make characters that I use in stories.

I don't have a favorite genre of music, and I only dislike country music and the majority of mainstream rap. Some artists I like are Cage the Elephant, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, 2NE1, Aesop Rock, Badministrator (he raps about LoL), and there are others.

As for favorite video games, I'm a fan of anything Shin Megami Tensei, anything Bethesda does, Borderlands, Mark of the Ninja, the vast majority of Bioware's games, the Halo series, and Sequence. Much like my music, these aren't the only things I like, but these are the ones I have been playing the most recently.


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The inner machinations of Phylz's mind.

Just random s**t that I decide to put here.


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i like ur outfits post very creative


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