I Am. Who I Am.

Well hello there! My name is Jared. Or Jay.. whichever you please.
I'm 13 I blow out candles on August 2nd.
Its usually easy to make me happy.
I can be the nicest person ever.
I can be the biggest jerk in the world.
I hate people who smoke/drink/and or do drugs.
I love the rain. I love singing randomly.
I have a very low self esteem. I have no confidence.
I have many friends. I lost my one and only best friend and I miss her a lot.
I'm straight. I absolutely hate homophobics.
I do not label people, its stupid.
So don't label me. I'm not cool. I'm not normal.
I'm not a super model. I'm not popular at all. I have a problem letting people in.
I have trust issues. If you'll listen I'll spill my guts out to you.
I've been broken mutiple times. I don't handle cheaters and liars very well.
I like biting. =) I'm rather random at times. I get distracted easily.
-stares at paper and draws- Oh, did I mention I love hugs biggrin
Well, that's pretty much all. Thanks for reading.