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<center><font size=1 font color=FF0000>
<b><u>WeLcoMe to mY pRofFiee</u></b></font>

<center><font size=3 font color=FFFFFF>
<strike>about this <font color=FF00FF><b>GIRL</b></strike></font>

<center><font color=0000FF>has a name of <font color=FF000FF><u><b>adiel maris…</b></u> <font color=FFFF00><b>”jhiLL”</b><sup>2x</sup> <font color=0000FF>for short. Was born on <font color=00FF00><strike>02.23.95</strike> <font color=0000FF>and is now <font color=orange><strike>14</strike> < font color=orange>years of age. and is currently living in <font color=008080><b>381-Washington St. Cansojong Talisay City Cebu, Philippines, 6000.</b> <font color=0000FF>is a <font color=00FF00><i>FRESHMEN</i>, <font color=0000FF> who is studying in <font color=00FFFF><strike>COLEGIO de la INMACULADA CONCEPCION</strike> <font color=0000FF> im a girl who enjoys my <font color=808080><u>adventurous.cute.challenging</u> <font color=FF00FF><b>-LIFE-</b>.<font color=0000FF>I have a group so called <font color=FF00FF><sup><b>3.bu.ang.</b></sup> <font color=0000FF>with the following members <font color=FF00FF><sub>.kuya</sub> <font color=0000FF> love them all. I have also another secondary group named <font color=pink><sup><b>gigster</b></sup>. <font color=0000FF> with the following members <font color= FF00FF> <sub>gigs-tan.gigs-tine.gigs-jhill/me.gigs-pau.gigs-jem.</sub><font color=0000FF> as the 1st/ primary members of this group. && recruited the secondary members <font color= FF00FF><sub>gigs-lyne.gigs-har & gigs-liza. <font color=0000FF>. I just love this guys, they make me complete. I have this favorite line which I got from my kuya xoy<sup>2x</sup> it goes like this… <font color=purple>”<b>L-I-F-E</b> is not a problem to be solved but a mystery to live in.
<font color=0000FF>im a girl who loves to be <font color=red><strike><b>LOVED</b></strike><font color=0000FF>and hates to be <font color=orange><strike><b>HATED</b></strike>.

<center><font color=aqua> <b>that’s all about me. (o_O)</b>

<center><font color=pink>
***little <strike>MISS</strike> <b>iMperFecT</b>***
***late at night when the world is all sleeping, I stay up & think of you & I wish on a star that somewhere you are, your thinking about me too***
***every girl has something S-P-E-C-I-A-L about <strike><b>HER</b></strike>***
***peace-love & harmony is with <b><strike>ME</strike></b>***

why is <b><strike>LOVE</strike></b> harder than math?
"f i had only one friend left... i want it to be Y.O.U" (o_0)
-- wHeRe dO <b><u>bRoKen hEaRts</u></b> gO?--

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wolf_lord313 Report | 04/02/2009 10:59 pm
ya lol
wolf_lord313 Report | 04/02/2009 9:47 pm
im from u.s. u ?
wolf_lord313 Report | 04/01/2009 7:41 pm
lol hey just saying hi
DraculaRomania Report | 03/20/2009 4:15 am


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