Just a girl.

23 years of age, selling my soul to my current place of occupation as a cashier, and I spend my downtime playing video games. What games, you don't ask? Final Fantasy, Wild Arms, WoW, Kingdom Hearts...all that glorious stereotypical RPG stuff.

I try to sing, I try to draw, I try to write poetry among other things, and in the end I tend to fail on two of the three. But that's okay, life moves on...nor does it even really care about such insignificant things to begin with.

Moving on, I like to think of myself as a friendly personality. If I say something mean I'm probably just kidding. I can be overly sarcastic, yes, but never take me seriously until you're told to do so by yours truly.

Just an ordinary online girl.

...Save for the literacy, proper grammar and all that jazz.

And finally, my Dream Avatar (Since I'm a loser like that, and I refuse to put in in my signature):

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(Note, this avi is seriously outdated...especially considering I can make it look even BETTER than the original without having all of those 'spensive items...)

All donators will be worshiped...and then groped.

Molestation Memorandum:

Donator: Brokenblade360
Amount Donated: 500g
Times Groped: Five

Donator: Dark Demonic Creature
Amount Donated: 402g
Times Groped: Four...plus one buttcheek poke.

Donator: Zombie SCARE
Amount Donated: 2000g
Times Groped: She said I didn't need to, but I still grabbed a boob. surprised

Donator: Lloyd Kitsune
Amount Donated: 932g
Times Groped: No groping, just pounced and molested. Vwah haha.

Donator: Lloyd Kitsune...again.
Amount Donated: 210g
Times Groped: Molested again. Seems I have the makings of a repeat customer. wink

Donator: Lloyd Kitsune.
Amount Donated: Don't remember.
Times Groped: Dear god, will his generousity never end!? I swear there wasn't any cybersex involved...Not this time, anyway. ninja

Donator: Iccolo
Amount Donated: It's hard to calculate how much exactly was donated amidst the trade. He traded 35k, a couple of dresses and some assesories and I traded a beard and a May 2008 letter. So I honestly don't know if that evened out or not...
Times Groped: Drive-by-butt-grabs are always fun.

Donator: Matthew Maxus
Amount Donated: Somewhere between 800 and 1k gold.
Times Groped: Also the victim of a drive-by-butt-grab.

Side note: If I molest my own mule, is that considered masturbation?

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Pherra's Journal

I plan to include some of my poetry, perhaps some of the stories I've written, or random things that are going on in my life. Or maybe even some of my artwork I've drawn IRL or made on the computer. So it's nothing very interesting. Move along. ;)


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cool avi

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wow it's been a while since i been on
Amaya R. Sparda

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Amaya R. Sparda

Happy Birthday Pherra~

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User Image

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Eeeew to what Ben just posted.

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PPST....Jess....I dont....have hair....on my balls. You wanna know why??

Cause hair....

Doesnt Grow.....



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thanks 4 buying

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your welcome ^u^

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wow... u look awesome User Image

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the sensation between your knees~


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All donators will be worshiped, then groped.

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People molested to date: 6

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