I'm a guy in my 30's. I'm from Sweden.

I like fast music like techno, hardstyle and pop.

I've studied environmental science. I'm interested in many subjects. Geography, history, environmental issues, political issues, mathematics. Most nature sciences and social sciences are fine. I'm interested in artistic subjects too, but not very good at them!

I have PTSD since a traumatic event in 2003. I've mostly recovered but it's certainly changed the course of my life.

See you!


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Petrograd's Journal

Warning: Some posts have been written when I have been feeling ill. Those have been colored white and marked with stars to show the warning level.

I haven't written anything serious in my journal for years. It's essentially inactive. I did however use my journal serious earlier, when I was suffering from PTSD and deep depression. As such, if you choose to read any old posts, be careful so th


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Yay! I hope you recover quickly so you can take on any activity with ease. 3nodding

My new place is nice. I tried to fill in the missing pieces to make it feel like home. All I need now is a working girlfriend and she can help pay the rent. xd

How is the weather there? Has the upcoming Autumn months brought cooler weather with them? It has here and it feels great. Not much of the wetness yet but I feel it's on its way.
Consti de Vil

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Consti de Vil


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Thank you for your purchase!

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Hello. I hope you are well. My move-in went well and now I'm in the process of making my blank canvas colorful. 3nodding

What is new with you?

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Sorry I haven't replied in a while. I have been terribly busy and all I want to do is sleep when I get home. I will show you pictures of my jewelry. Some of it is very elaborate and decorative. I was very creative in my younger years. Since then not so much of today. I believe that when I acquire a partner, she will be my inspiration and creative surge.

I have found a place that will accept me and I hope to move in soon. It will so much cheaper than what I'm paying right now and closer to work.

Take care. I will to keep in touch, my friend.

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Sorry for the late reply, I've been under a lot of stress and sometimes I need time to myself. So I might come on for a few minutes to see what is going on then log off for the day. Apartment hunting isn't going well. So I'm looking into alternatives like renting a small house. I will keep the faith.

Keeping positive and staying true to yourself is a sure way of healing not only the body but for the mind and soul.

It's cool that you have so many siblings. I don't any contact with my siblings. They both have lives of their own and in their own decision, I'm not part of it. And that's fine with me. Whenever I have my own family, I will share my love with them. I guess you can't please them all. rofl

Passionate: That's a hard question. I don't really have a good answer. I know I'm not passionate about work but I put in a 100%. Maybe to the jewelry I make. However I haven't made anything in awhile.

What hobbies do you like?

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Yes working in those conditions can be very hard on the body especially when the sun knows no mercy. blaugh But with plenty of water and breaks, one can get through it without too much damage on the body. I would rather be doing something inside where the A/C blows on me. I do have other trades under my belt. It's just electricity is one of my strong areas. Though personally, I think there are too many electricians in my area, so money is as good as it get. I live in Virginia, U.S. and I would like to visit Sweden. It's on my list of places to visit.

I am sorry that you are sick. I hope and I will pray that you recover quickly so you can have a healthy future. 3nodding

Apartment hunting is depressing. I hope by me inquiring about different properties that one of them would call me. I thought about renting a house but the required maintenance in having a house over an apartment can be too much work for one person. Though it is possible. I could rent a lawn mower instead of buying one. Or hire a landscaping crew.

I do have two siblings. My brother is older than me and my sister is younger. Both of them live in another state. Far away from me, living their own lives. What about you? Do you have any siblings?

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I was just doing some yard work yesterday. It was over 100 degrees F and digging a narrow trench. It wore me out. I'm an electrician and sometimes I have to do some rigorous work. I kind of wish I can find a job where I'm getting paid well and not crawling through attics or crawl spaces locating wires. Though this is what I am experienced at and I will make the most out of my job.

It's cool that you are with your Mom on vacation. I used to do that with my Mom. She is mostly working and we see each other when we can. The year isn't over yet, so maybe I will take a trip somewhere I can relax. There is plenty to do around here: concerts, events, festivals, etc..., I just have to locate them and see when they happen. I went to a national park near the ocean and saw fireworks. I was happy I went.

I agree with you; hotels are very expensive. I am apartment hunting. It's hard to find a nice apartment in a nice neighborhood with the salary I have. But with positive thoughts and energy I will find something.

What surrounds your summer home? I live in the city.

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That's cool. I hope you don't work too hard on the yard, unless that is what relaxes you. Are you house sitting?

I am well. Thank you for asking. I don't have any plans for the summer. Normally I would go out to the mountains for a few days but money is pretty tight. I'm also in the process of getting an apartment. Living at a hotel isn't cheap.

Take care and be well.

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Hello. You can ask me how I am doing or how was my day? Or just ask a question and I will answer. I am an open minded person. How are you?


People with or interested in PTSD are welcome to visit the PTSD support thread.