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    • Who is to say we can stereotype and judge others, when we ourselves are not perfect? Who meets the criteria for normal? Let the truth bring an abundance of knowledge to you; nobody does. We don't meet any norms of normal, we don't adhere to the perfection we should, and we don't have the right to judge someone else, purely because we ourselves are incompetent, and aren't confident in who we are.

      I digress.

      To all those who feel they need to know me...
      I am of the age something. Go ahead and guess.

      I see people for who they are, not what they are. I cannot correlate looks with personality; I've never been able to, and I probably wont ever be able to.
      My profoundness only reaches and clings to the ideals that we were all created alike, no matter who we are, what we are, how we grew up. In this manner I've tried to become as unprejudiced as I possibly can when it comes to such things as ethnicity, religion, sexuality, gender, possessions, age, and anything else you might think up. I'm pretty un-bias when it comes to those areas, though I do slip up every now and then.

      I'm a singer and an actress. I sing and act as I please, feeling like the world is something we shouldn't waste. I'm an artist - I draw without boundaries, and I set the limits as high as the skies. I adore music, which becomes quite apparent when you see me reach for my violin out of its velvet confines, or watch me dance my hands away on the piano. I even once played the viola.

      I am hot-tempered, and way too overly sensitive. Those are my two major flaws.

      I am absolutely in love with plays and musicals, they enthrall me.
      The most beautiful color in many different hues is blue.
      I'm well versed in the English language-- and fairly well versed in Spanish, too.
      I'm also currently dabbling in French.
      I'm an avid reader.
      I simply love Thai food. <3
      I particularly dislike most sea food, badly sexually referenced jokes, incompetence, those who are bigger hypocrites than I, those who are extremely right winged and close minded ( the combination ), and those who cannot manage to communicate with me ( only if it is their own fault ).

      If you feel like you need to know me more, then simply strike up a conversation with me, I'm friendly, I don't bite particularly hard.