My passion, My family, My life..

Well, Hi Im chloƩ But I prefure to be called Blue, As a nickname.

I love my drama, and when I get older, I hope to become an actress, director Or .. anything, I mean Drama is my life, and no one can tell me otherwise.

I also Love animals to bits, and the enviroment. I've had a brain tumor a year ago and im not afraid to say it, because i faught and won, just like nan, uncle and mother, who has gone through bowl and womb cancer and I love her to bits. I love my whole family so much i could squeeze them to bits. #^.^#

I do love mythical things I think there very inspired and creative, I also Like habbo uk, If anyone does go on it, please friend me You never know, i may know you, Lawl. So, there's much more, But I don't want to say anything else, I like to be elusive, Hehe.. cool

=[ =l =] =3 =D xD xD!