Someone please buy my stuff because I'm basically broke or I really don't need it. I sell my stuff cheaper than most. Thanx. Come again.


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hi. im broke. i keep on spending all of my money. anyway, i love horses and i ride them, drawing , playing piano (mainly anime songs, classical, and spanish music) , reading (as you can tell from that Interests thing), and manga. im half asian (asians are awesome) the asian part is Philippino-best place ever-. but essentially i'm american (america is also awesome). people tell me im too a)cocky b)impertinent c) sarcastic, or some of them will call me violent. if i offend you its PROBABLY unintentional. i have a huge family. i love getting gold. yeah, mpst of my friends on this are really my sister's friends.... that's kind of weird.... yeah, that's kind of it....oh, and i occassionally call people 'dudes'. i have a policy about not accepting freinds unless i actually know them. to the ones i did accept without knowing them - you dont count. i actually accepted one of you by accident. everyone who's avatar picture is at the top of my profile are people i actually know. please feel free to give me money at any time biggrin

Random stuff i picked up...

"everything in this world exists to wear us down"

"The difference between genius and stupidity is; genius has its limits." Albert Einstein

"A word to the wise ain't necessary- it's the stupid ones that need the advice." Bill Cosby

and my personal favorite:

95% of all teen girls would go into a panic if Edward Cullen was on a 247 foot building about to jump to kill himself. Copy and paste this if you are one of the 5% who brought popcorn, a chair, and shouted "DO A FLIP!"

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Yesssss. i know you're so jealous of this signtaure.

what all those crazy people tell me

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lonelysprite1 Report | 07/19/2010 1:50 pm
your welcome... and anytime...
minni muffin Report | 07/10/2010 11:05 am
minni muffin
yea np, you got to be really careful though. honestly the only reason i bought the items in Ur store was cause u were about to get screwed. when you put something on the market place (for example Fausto's Bottle 10th gen) and you start the bidding at zero with a bid increment that's really high(like 59999 gold) it leaves it open for the first bidder to bid 1 gold. and because the bid increment is 59999 gold, the next bidder must bid 60000 gold...and cause the average buy price is lower than that no one would bid any higher and you would have ended up selling said item for 1 gold. so i bought your items and re sold them. it really sucks to loose a chunk of gaia gold and it happened to me a lot when i first started, and i would hate to see it happen to others.
Intellects420 Report | 07/05/2010 1:05 pm
MimiInuyasha Report | 06/20/2010 2:13 pm
cool avi by the way.
MimiInuyasha Report | 06/19/2010 10:21 am
i know you though johnlennon99.
leica14 Report | 06/09/2010 12:52 am
Hello! Please rate my house in the arenas. Thanks!
|Rate my home in the arenas|
Sweet ladybug-ladybug Report | 05/27/2010 3:46 pm
Sweet ladybug-ladybug
u r welcome
u do the same
Robotic Zamat Report | 05/16/2010 5:48 am
Robotic Zamat

I've been reading Tamora Pierce books for AGES now! I love all of them. The Beka and Aly one's are the current favs right now. Beka's definately my fav character.

I've had a look around the Guilds and to my absolute shock and horror have found not one guild dedicated to her!!!!!!

SO... (I realise that this IS rather out of the blue! smile ) I'm collecting donations to start a Guild dedicated to the works of Tamora Pierce. It would contain RP-s, fan art and fiction, discussion forums, contests and so on, basically where we can all have a lot of fun. If there is anyone who would like to sponsor me and this new guild, PM me!

Have a look at my brand new Obernewtyn guild to see what sort of guild I have in mind, and also, naturally, any ideas or guiding comments would be welcome!
The Mistfits of Obernewtyn

Help me with my quest!

Mssr Miles Report | 04/18/2010 10:45 am
Mssr Miles
Thanks for selling! -is swimming in dragon plushes- ;D
naji324 Report | 04/16/2010 5:33 pm
Thank u!


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