Perry Hartley

Age: 16

Parents: Son of a Peryton

Killer Style: Skate Punk, i’m all about comfort. Plaid shirts, baggy shorts, and of course my specs, It sucks, but I can’t see a thing without them.

Freaky Flaw: I hate water. I can’t swim for a start, and I just don’t like being wet ok?

Favourite Colour: Crimson

Favourite Food: Steak, rare.

Pet Peeve: Monsters who assume i’m a Harpy, I mean DUDE! I have antlers!

Favourite Activity: Catching some air on my board. My wings really help make for some sick aerial tricks. I love coming up with new stunts to challenge myself.

Pet: Jack’s my pet Wolpertinger, she’s a total attention hog.

BFFs: Nathair Adderson

Favourite Subject:
Physical Deaducation, so long as I don’t have to swim.

Least Favourite Subject:
Monster literature, it’s way more awesome to be out there having the adventures than read about them in some stuffy classroom.