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What is the Void?
It is a state of mind. There is no sadness or happiness. Its a state of accepting things the way they are. We are specs in the entirety of things. So accept that nothing really matters and live your life to the fullest. Be your own best friend. Go for the things you want. Live your life Till we are all spacedust floating in the Perpetual Void.
Most importantly have a good day and if you ever need a friend. Or need some outside advise my DMs are always open.

About me
I'm an artist
I'm not interested in romance
I care about all living things
I'm always there for anyone that needs me


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3LANC Report | 07/21/2024 10:43 pm
Have you tried avatar chat yet? Its imo better than Town 2, Rally, and Rally 3D combine. Plus it has no lag. To get to it. You have to click on the lil yellow red and blue cat lookin animated icon on the header. It will take you to a thread with the link to avi chat in the thread. ^^
arival Report | 05/29/2024 1:00 am
Your sigpic is so precious
Ralodosmovo Report | 05/28/2024 6:23 am
User Image
I love your sig. razz
Mister Piggy Wiggy Report | 05/23/2024 10:15 pm
Mister Piggy Wiggy




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