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KittyKay_66 Report | 09/15/2017 2:54 pm
So I see your last login wasn't all that long ago...

*continues to lick longingly* c:
KittyKay_66 Report | 10/13/2014 9:16 am
*licks longingly* c:
Bootyology Report | 02/19/2012 7:07 pm
I wanna be a fan...
I'm not sure how well I'd do as a slave though...
Chances are, you'd get a table in the face..
No offense meant~
*humble* -.-
Volkov Seraphim Report | 01/06/2012 5:37 am
Volkov Seraphim
HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELVYYYYYYYYYYY heart heart heart heart heart
supadiva_03 Report | 12/02/2011 6:19 pm
ninja poke
Feigning Innocence Report | 11/08/2011 10:29 am
Feigning Innocence
Regarding your status about free time....yeah, IDK what that is anymore, lol.
l N ii n j a l Report | 10/15/2011 9:18 pm
l N ii n j a l
I highly doubt anyone comes and looks at my profile anyways... >_>"
l N ii n j a l Report | 10/15/2011 7:59 pm
l N ii n j a l
I'm sorry for causing drama in your thread, but I get really peeved when idiots attack my friends for no good reason.
green-beatles Report | 10/08/2011 9:06 pm
Thank you for the purchase!
If you could take some time and vote for me in a scholarship for college, I would greatly appreciate it <3
Sir Ehkru Report | 06/23/2011 6:28 pm
Sir Ehkru
-noms- ninja

To distract you from stalking me...

A few facts on Elvy:

She is female.

She lives in Western Australia.

And she is 26 years old.

Those are the basics.

I don't usually tell people my name on the internet, but guess what? I'm going to give you all the special privledge of knowing it.

My name is Phil Degrave.


Laughing? Well stop it! It's rude to laugh at other people's names. Dammit stare

An interesting fact about myself?

There's an unofficial Australian law that says I'm not allowed to say 'Wet ferret'.
There are cannibals in my ancestry ^.^

Oh and these people have given me gifts and they are the best people in the world... because I'm the Queen of the Universe and I said so... stare

Caboose007: 3800 gold heart
Sadi Seyer: Sweetheart Silver Earrings, Nitemare Collar, 100 gold, Gin the Kitty O_O eek heart
Kurix: Pearl Earrings heart
Xelidaur: Fairy Cloth heart
Confuzed-Soul: Flower Wristband heart
Dark_Queen_Suka: White Paper Cat Band, Thankyou Letter for August 2007 xd heart
Suren-kun: 16 000 gold O_O heart heart
Kytten_Hime: 2000 gold heart
Burning_Rave_909: Angelic Parasol, Black Musketeer Hat O_O whee heart
Red Mirage: 5500 gold heart
Flaconscale: Celestial Wrap, Thankyou Letter for May 2007, Thankyou Letter for June 2007, 1094 gold, Thankyou Letter for September 2007, Pixie, Thankyou Letter for October 2007 eek heart
Raijin of the Thunder: Celebrity Date heart
LovelySA07: 2000 gold, Thankyou Letter for July 2007, Thankyou Letter for August 2007 sweatdrop heart
Vampire Angel Freadric: 6000 gold heart
Bitter Longevity: Spirit Falcon, Spirit Hair, Pearl Necklace eek heart
Lunaria Sangrael: 800 gold heart
Raziel313: Dark Halo 4laugh heart
Walikeheke: Lex's Dark Top heart
Seduce a Stranger: Ladybug Crown heart
Untaken Name: Spirited 2k6 Corsage heart
Untaken Name, Karinna, Rainbow_Zombi: Yemaya's Pearl heart heart

Apparently I have fans, so I shall immortalize them here for everyone to take a gander at...

If you want to be a fan or you just want your name on a random person's profile O.o, just leave a comment, send a PM, or catch me in the forums, you can even ask when I'm lurking in the games or in Towns... Basically, it's a free for all!

[ABANDONED] Harlequin ~ Strange, strange guy... but he ish my fan, so all ish forgiven... xd
Suren-kun ~ Heee! My fanboy... heart
Sadi Seyer ~ Uhh... weird much?? Yeah, I know you love me confused
Illizana Seyer ~ Yay! Welcome to the team! Such a cutie... 4laugh
Supadiva_03 ~ I fear I might get my head blown off if I don't add her to the list... Heh... sweatdrop
x ii-S p y_C h u x ~ Aww, her cuteness rivals Illi's... and that's saying something 4laugh
Baby Caitie ~ More random fans, what more could a humble little cretin like me ask for? mrgreen
Untaken_Name ~ My Mega Drive soulmate >.< Ahem, sick minded and impervious to my b*tch rants, just the way I like them. evil
Allanna Ceceil ~ Mwahaha! My slave of AwesoMe!! rofl
Sir Ehkru ~ He is my obedient slave. But also my fan. And also a newly discovered transvestite. *licks* Tastes like overcooked caramel. ^.^
JaceDemon ~ A fan but not a slave, apparently. We'll see how long you can resist my dear... mwahahahaha!!


Elvy the Black Dragon
Hoarding Happiness cake since 2007


*stomps foot*

I did not! I said "entertain me". And in your own, twisted, way, you assumed that meant that I wanted you to strip....



*sticks tongue out at Elvy*

No! No no no

You said 'Entertain me,' but you didn't say what you DIDN'T want me to do. You didn't say "Entertain me, but no stripping, oral sex or beastiality."


You fault.



MSN Conversation

Supadiva_03: brb, lemme walk him to the door....
Elvy: *wiggly eyebrows*
Supadiva_03: nothing like that, elvy. That would take a bit more time.
Elvy: . . .
Supadiva_03: your wiggly eyebrows....
Elvy: I don't know what you're talking about, I just have naturally wiggly eyebrows...
Supadiva_03: you might want to get that checked out...
Elvy: I did. They said it's a chronic thing. Untreatable. I'm supposed to keep away from innuendos, soft core smut and sexual references.
Supadiva_03: don't do that...
Elvy: *wiggly eyebrows*
Supadiva_03: roflmbo

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Say something hilarious or memorable and I shall immortalize you here, just as I do with my fans. Yeah that's right. Everyone's going to stare at you... eek


The ultimate object of your stalkerist endeavours...

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