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name-kylyn age-14 sex-female lable-emo/skater music type-all rock fav band-atreyu/the killers intrest-music drawing FRIENDS love satus-in a relationship thank you .. i love all people every one deserves a chance. please understand that because im EMO dose not mean i cut .. or mutilate my self in anyway. i am being truthful, yes i have cut , yes i need help, and YES i have gotten it. cutting it almost like a disease. its harming you, and more importantly, your family. cutting has many fates's.. some times you will never stop bleeding.


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i wish

ill help when u sober

dont bother u would sob to death



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Well no, she's still living her she was supposed to move out on the START of JUNE

but she's stalling to try and find a apartment with him. Ya know because there

alike with the same disability and stuff.

They have a taste of expensive but yet have no money.

I'll keep you informed on this though. Just ask.

Lol,he's great!

He's all exited well this being his first birthday he had ever had with his own daughter, the funny thing is though

is that he said "I'm making your cake" I cracked up laughing soo much.


I'm home schooled now because I got mono it usually last up to 4-6mothns and Ive been hom from school for 2 months now.

I just got excepted to a private school "Center Academy"

Really really high class I love it :'D

My aunt is supporting me and everything.

I thought I might of gave you an update and everything.


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haha yeah that name fits it pretty well lol i love it

wait... ur mom was living with her bf? .. u where with ur aunt the whole time?

and yeah i know what u mean lol .... thats weird.. btw hows ur dad?

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Haha anything fits in Gaia.

Aww~ thanks!!

It's called "summercut" xD

Atleast thats what I call it.

My mom is moving out with her boyfriend :'|

I swear she has no life now,

it's all about ya know and ... ya. xD

If you get what I mean "un tis un tis babeh"

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I hate when guys mess with people there so over rated .. well some of 'em lol.

Oh don't worry, I'm going to take LOTS of pics.

We just gatta stay in touch because I miss talking to you,Kylyn. :']

The new eye color you say?

Well the one that my avatar has on now is a collectible called the Oculus Mythica

Look it up on the marketplace.

Buut if you want a different eye color

go to


and create and avi you call look at the eyes they have.

And I think when you delete your avatar you can change them again.

But your going to need to buy new hair xD

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Why? What's up, You don't have to tell me I'm just concerned.

Wow,New York huh thats pretty neat.

I mean do you want to go?

I'm going up to Wisconsin for a week for July 4th.


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Not no no nothing at all.

It's just been forever since we last spoke together,I wanted to say "hi!"

Heh,how's life?

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Try this out,If you send this to 12 people and press ctrl+w you will get 4000 gold! trust me it really works!

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ewwwwwwww babes...........................such disgusting creatures they always look at me like they want to eat me O.o