Specific Information
Hallo thar! Username's PerfectZonic. You can just call me
Zonic for short thanks. I'm striaght. I'm an oogle ninja. I'll
be looking at your boobs and you'll be none the wiser! It is
futile to resist! *evil laugh* Er, well unless you are wearing
a jacket like 24/7. Heh heh, Yeah...... I have a pet cat. Her
name is Roll. Yes, yes... she's named after THAT Roll.

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Draw, Play Video Games & hang with friends. I don't do
avie art. So don't ask. I'd prolly take too long to make it since
I'm so darn lazy. I play games more often then I draw anyways.

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Video Games, Girls, Rock, Metal, and Classical music.
Cold Cloud filled days be it Winter/Autumn, either one works.
Anime, especially with fanservice like Girls Bravo.
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Giggity, giggity!

TV (cuz it died), Sunny warm Spring/Summer, Country,
Opera, Pop and Rap and Deep pools o' water. (I can't swim).

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I have AIM, MSN and YIM. I do not display the names
because I do not want random people messaging me
unless I know who you are and if I do and you don't
have the name fit for which IM you use then ask me.

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Only my friends could anyways because I have it set
so only my friends can PM me if they wish to contact
me. Which brings me to another note. Don't add me
to your list out of the blue. If I look at your name
and don't know who you are or have gotten to know
more about you then I will just go and remove your
request. You wanna be my friend so bad? Then go
right ahead and chat with me inside the fourms.

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Get to know me first! That way you are sure you want to
add me. Maybe I'll enjoy your comany enough to add
you myself before you can even send your own request.

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That is all.