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Name: Savannah
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Location: Florida
Favorite music: Hardcore
Tattoos: 9│Piercings:11
Registered: 2006

~ I change my hair an abnormal amount. ~


My body modification details:

Piercings: Nipples, nostril, septum, belly button, philtrum (medusa), 3 piercings in each ear (lobes stretched to 5/8's)

Tattoos: Owl on my chest, Owl skull on the back of my left calf and a planchette, a rose on my thigh, "Stay Strong" on my left wrist, "Love Life" on my right wrist, A compass and quote on top of my left foot, moon and stars on my back shoulder blade, and "You are what you love. Not who loves you." (lyrics from Fall Out Boy song) on my inner arm, coffin with roses on my arm "RIP Beauty Standards"

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