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TorquemadaC Report | 07/02/2019 7:20 am
Thank you for adding my avi to your favorites heart
Princess Dragonlady Report | 08/26/2018 3:16 am
Princess Dragonlady
thank u 4 buying at my store cat_smile
Zaddy Long Legz Report | 04/13/2018 11:34 pm
Zaddy Long Legz
Thanks for buying! heart
Sweatpants Princess Report | 12/03/2015 3:40 am
Sweatpants Princess
Your avatar right now looks so great, I just had to tell you that. heart
QXU Report | 09/06/2015 12:22 pm
thanks xp
Weeping_Angelz Report | 01/02/2015 1:02 am
thanks 3nodding
Mississippi Black Velvet Report | 12/27/2014 8:10 pm
Mississippi Black Velvet
You should be I don't just randomly go around harassing people to let them know how utterly fabulous I find them.
Well only half the time I do.

No, but I suck at small talk but just wanted to let you know that I did remember you. Have a good night. ^__^
Mississippi Black Velvet Report | 12/27/2014 7:55 pm
Mississippi Black Velvet
Ahaha, omg I'm sorry legit didn't mean to make you feel old. s**t, you figure we're all getting up there in age as it is. xd
I'm turning 27 next month and I have a little girl turning 2 next month also.

Well I'm glad to hear you're settled down and mellowing out and not as stressed as you were back in the day. I always thought you were just the bees knees.
Mississippi Black Velvet Report | 12/27/2014 7:39 pm
Mississippi Black Velvet
Yeah, all of that's understandable and bound to happen. 3nodding

You lurk enough you get to the point where you remember people. I only recently came out of my lurking shell and started posting more but I definitely remember you from way back when after the Earth had cooled and portal to Narnia was still open.

You seem to have mellowed through the years though. >___>
Again it's bound to happen.
Mississippi Black Velvet Report | 12/27/2014 7:15 pm
Mississippi Black Velvet
Saw you posting in the thread about being known on Gaia or whatever and omfg talk about blast from the past.
Good to see you're still around though.

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