I type emotes at the end of most of my sentences.

Hello! This is a mule, but I'm online more than my main~

Call me whatever you want, but most people refer to me as "Pengu", which I assume is short for "penguin" since my username isn't very creative. Haha.

No, I do not dress or act like a penguin irl. I am not a furry.

Just imagine that you're reading the mind of a
two-feet tall penguin who has a human mind and
wears clothes. whut the. ಠ__ಠ

I can't say I'm nice, but I don't think I'm mean...
But I'm quite critical from time to time.
I complain. A lot. ):

I can draw! Kinda. Not drawing at the moment, though.

Tumblr made by [Hyde].


Otherwise, I might sound apathetic, troubled, or mad, even when I'm not. Maybe.

So who gave me the Grunny while I was away? Seriously. Who?

Hello. (:

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My wishlist reached the limit, so it'll be gone 'til I can whittle it down. (:

This page shouldn't lag since I removed my wishlist.