Trust yourself and believe in your own abilities. Have thick skin and never let whats happening on the outside stop you from being whole on the inside. Remember that it’s okay to have a tough exterior but do not let this harden you from the world. Always remember to stand tall and stay sweet - a strong mind and a kind heart will always prevail.

☀ enna / fem / 20 / nerd ☀

Hi there. My name is Enna and my birthday is September 11th. I watch anime pretty frequently. I also play quite a few games, mmorpgs mostly and on the PS4. Making profiles and edits is a side hobby of mine. I'm loyal and caring and all that good stuff, but I can also be blunt and straightforward. I'd type out more stuff but I'm lazy, so send a message and talk to me if you'd like. Who would want to, though? kappa.
I love, love, love donations. Artwork is appreciated as well!


Sadorath on 06/15/2019
AlthIndor on 06/15/2019


Even at your best, some people will try to find something “wrong” with you simply because you are different than them. You think differently. You dream differently. You love differently. You live differently. Do not change who you are to fit in with these types of people. These people draw lines instead of crossing them. They see the world in black and white instead of a million different colors. They live inside the box instead of daring to go outside. Always remember that you are enough as you are. Being different doesn’t mean that you are any less, it means you are meant to stand for something more. It means that you dream without fear, that you love without boundaries, and that you live without limits. Keep creating your own rules, believing in yourself and living outside the box — magic isn’t supposed to stay hidden.


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