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Hullo, I am peek-a-boo sparkle, and i am a member of many fandoms. wanna talk about it? hit me up.

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Ayama Kiroji Report | 05/24/2013 12:37 pm
Hey boo!
Chosu-san Report | 04/18/2010 1:16 am
8D Hiya. Randomcomment 'cause I'm bored. ^^
How have you been?
Miranda Rebel Cat Report | 02/21/2010 6:57 pm
Sorry, the Zurg cans are not real. I wish they were >.<
Chosu-san Report | 12/24/2009 2:30 am
Merry Christmas. smile
angelnight06 Report | 10/02/2009 10:05 am
Wow...I've never seen those bakeneko items....if I know Gaians....they'll be very popular.
Em0_vAmPrAv3r_Ky0mUrAsAkI Report | 09/28/2009 4:59 pm
by the look of ur page, u like anime. to be specific Deathnote. lolz hiya User Image
angelnight06 Report | 08/30/2009 9:35 pm
You gotta go to school for EVERYTHING now. Cant even seem to get a burger flipping job without a diploma. A little hard on us mad geniuses who've got more skills then resumes^^ But nevertheless I go to school in the morning^^ Chemistry! I make stuff go boom!
angelnight06 Report | 08/28/2009 9:17 pm
Wait....there's actually school for librarians? I did restocking for a day and it was like...the easiest job ever. there that much to go to school for? Not offendin the trade. Just curious. I studyin biology...thinkin bout teaching.
angelnight06 Report | 08/24/2009 1:10 pm
kk^^ I'll try ta talk to ya here then...startin college meself in a few days. What courses ya takin?
angelnight06 Report | 08/23/2009 9:52 pm
Sparkle! Where ya been? Missed ya. Your guild's emptier than Euro Disney but I been tryin to keep it goin^^ Where ya been?

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