I am officially on hiatus beginning 4/7/13 until further notice.

My name is Jenn. I'm 26 years old (practically ancient) and I have been on Gaia 5+ years, despite what this profile's join date says. A little about me:

-I am immature. I love to play video games, buy toys, and I never act my age.
-My favorite store is Build A Bear. But you do get some strange looks when you tell the sales people you're building something for yourself.
-I love to collect keychains, small figurines, and anything glittery.
-I save everything from birthday cards to notes from friends. I have a large memory box.
-I love antique malls. Anything from the 50's makes me giggle like a silly b*tch.
-I love to cook though I'm not necessarily good at it. I'm currently practicing from a cookbook made in 1953. Ask me about Prune Whip.
-I love Hello Kitty and all of her friends.
-Penguins are my favorite animal. I have six penguin ornaments for the Christmas tree.
-I have a short temper and a sailor's mouth. I will not hesitate to use either though 2 times out of 3, I regret it.
-My short temper leads to severe road rage.
-I make up creative curse words during my bouts of road rage.
-I am insecure and needy though I tend to hide it behind anger or petulence.
-I am depressed a lot and I love to complain. If you can't listen to my bullsh*t then we don't need to be friends.
-I am loyal to the end but if you betray me I will never forgive you. Never forgive, never forget. It's a flaw, I don't give a sh*t.
-I will listen to your problems and offer advice.
-I believe in online dating. I don't care if your opinion is different from mine and I don't care if you feel the need to voice that opinion. That's what Gaia made the Ignore option for.
-I argue, a lot. I am stubborn and if I think I am right I will not back down until you give in.
-I have graduated nursing school!!
-I have very little patience.
-I am literate, you should be too. That does not mean that my typing is perfect, but it's close.
-I stress out way too easily.
-I f*ck up relationships a lot.
-Anything else you feel you need to know ask, though I can't guarantee I'll answer it.


Tales of a CNA trying to stay sane in an Alzheimer's World

All my adventures (and misadventures) in the world of medical care. By the way, feel free to comment on any misadventures you've had. Misery loves company after all!



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