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l0oney Report | 05/25/2016 4:17 pm
Welcome back! You took such a long break! Let me know your new account 3nodding
Bideogemu Report | 10/07/2015 9:15 pm
Alright, but I may do it later I'm getting tired.
If I don't tonight, I'll be sure to try to get around to you in the morning if I don't end up being busy with some more stupid adult like stuff.
I had plans today but I had to go with my mother to see my grandmother who's probably not gonna live for much longer sadly to say.
Bideogemu Report | 10/07/2015 9:08 pm
Sure thing, too bad there is people out there like that, I have a few
but I just shrug it off, it's nothing really. At least to me it's nothing.
Bideogemu Report | 10/07/2015 8:53 pm
Oh okay I thought you was upset with me, I felt bad. :c
Well whoever this is, hopefully they're not doing it to be a buttface
you're too nice to be ignored like that, I'd kick their butts if I could.
Bideogemu Report | 10/07/2015 8:41 pm
If your status is pointing at me I apologize, but I've never been much of a texter
I've just never been a big fan about it. I also tend to forget cause my phone is a piece of s**t.
Not only that but I'm still sick, and I've been plenty busy lately. :c
'But if that's how you feel I can't stop you, just know I'm sorry.
Bellus Malum Report | 10/01/2015 6:02 pm
lol I am pretty Spiffy
Talking to this pretty awesome person myself
Bellus Malum Report | 09/30/2015 6:39 pm
How ya doing?
Bellus Malum Report | 09/29/2015 10:37 pm
Hiya sugar
Centrifugal_comfort Report | 09/19/2015 1:50 pm
Its is okay. I thought it was actually kind of funny. xd
Centrifugal_comfort Report | 09/19/2015 1:32 pm
Awww gonk

Well I was more or less making fun. Because you said you didn't
know what friends were but then said you were going to go game at a friends
and I think I said something along the lines of "I thought you didn't know what friends were"
"Well have fun at your friends. scream "

And I used the screaming emo because I imagined by the time I replied, you were far from
the computer or laptop, or which ever device was use. I'm too lazy to go back and see what
was put.

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