Hi. I'm Sarita.
I give hugs. Not handshakes.
I'm 19.
Not the most exciting person you will ever meet.
But not the dullest either.
Low self esteem.
I like sushi.
Firm believer in 5th and 6th chances.
And cats.
I'll be your best friend if you'll let me.
Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.
I like strawberries.
Looks don't matter.
I give Hugs..
I have a puppy named Forest.
I'm sorta into girls.
I like tea.
I think you're beautiful.
And reading books.
I'm a theater kid.
..not handshakes.
Drugs and Alcohol are yucky.
Okay fine, I'm really into girls.
Sour candies heart
Future National Sale's Director.
and guys!
Okay fine, I like wine.
Btw Wolf it's cute how you're stalking my profile. I don't miss you.
K. bye.