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-Gemini, old enough, Filipino/Spanish but I only speak English, ENTJ.
-Octopus, jellyfish, cthulhu, dragons, horns/antlers
-In love with the same man for four years. He doesn't know. (Kind of. I told him in a way but..ya know).
-Danish people are so hot. If you're a hot dane I'm totally okay with random messages heart
-I own two kitties and a doggo
-Sometimes I write about life and romance even though I fail at both. here's my shitty writing.
RIP Sweet Pea 9/4/14 ♥

click here to be blinded by my ugly

Discord: Sol#5124 (feel free to message me to play zOMG, I will get it faster than a PM or comment)

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Hot_Red_Lava Report | 01/03/2019 6:07 pm
that is absolutely barbaric......
I wish you the best of luck in the new year!
Hot_Red_Lava Report | 12/30/2018 10:30 pm
awwww, that's really unfortunate. Failing classes you need in order to move on is really upsetting, but we will survive! I believe in us! heart
Kidakahkash Report | 11/06/2018 1:58 pm
Aww! :'3 :') Thank you~!
XgC-ANG3L Report | 06/07/2018 4:35 pm
hello i am n00b
Ishaxx Report | 03/12/2018 3:33 pm
Hey Hun,

Just being bullied by the entire marketing department cause I've proven they aren't doing their jobs properly and keep giving me their work to do. rolleyes
Plus the CEO hates me cause she's hell clicky with the marketing team.

Literally brought the CEO a record of multiple incidents of bullying and harassment at work (including exact times, dates and verbatim things that have been said to me) e.g. one of the marketing bitches yelling at me to my face and saying "you're the problem with the workplace" and the CEO literally brushed it off as the marketing b***h being "abrupt" rather than bullying me. neutral Instead she calls me rude for not wanting to socialise with them and is like... if you were more willing to help them, they'd help you, which is ironic considering I do all their work despite heading up my own completely different department. mad

On top of that, I asked another marketing colleague to please take a phone message for me when I was flat out with a report that needed to be completed (it was 4:45pm and the thing was due at 5pm) and that bitchy marketing cow was like "no, I'm not taking a message. We're all busy..." to which i just though OMFG it's a 2 second job.. write the name/ phone number and message to pass on... ALSO the day prior I'd just spent half my working week finding someone to cover for her at an Expo so she could go to a ******** concert (which she conveniently forgot). stare

On top of that my CEO ignored 3 letters from 2 of my doctors and my psychiatrist saying I was not to have anything to do with a particular project because it would force me to work with someone who raped me as a teenager... and she ******** ignored the letters and made me do the project so I was having non-stop panic attacks before, during and after work!!! cry

Literally had another meeting with the CEO and she tells me I'm the one that needs to change my attitude and that I'm not allowed to write stuff we say in meetings down (even though it's best practice) because she says she's "been in senior management positions longer than...(I)...have" and so she knows what's best and that's "not having any issues recorded on paper" - LIKE WTF.... she's basically saying stop recording all the harassment and bullying you're experiencing because she knows it's wrong - yet she's doing nothing about it. confused rolleyes evil

Sorry for the rant. It's literally been the shittiest week (and it's only Tuesday).

Hope all the bitches in your workplace learn to calm their farms. Being mean to someone out of jealousy is literally the stuff of children! I honestly can't understand why bullying still happens at work and why so many bosses and CEO's just ignore it!!

xx heart
Ishaxx Report | 02/22/2018 6:40 pm
RIP that smob run - Haha!
Hope you enjoy the movie and make boyfie jealoussss
heart xd
Captain Ashington Report | 02/01/2018 11:00 am
redface -touches toosh-
Captain Ashington Report | 01/28/2018 12:00 pm
i liked that redface
Captain Ashington Report | 01/26/2018 6:57 pm
Veldred Report | 11/08/2017 8:31 am
My avi is now a trap...


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