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F / 25 / Canadian | Taken | Traditional & Digital Artist

Literate RP ONLY | Pm me your RPC | No Cybering |


Name: Ai Aki

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Gaian Since 2006

Nostalgic 20s Avatars Investment Goals:

[t0x!c]s Dream Outfit

TOTAL MARKET VALUE: 1,707,401,759,200g

Name Quantity Avg. Market Price Market Store
Green Flame Shoes 1 5,848,500g View Ruby&#039;s Rack
Scar of Hero 1 370,883,000g View Not Available
Romani Glasses 1 9,990,960g View H.R. Wesley
Black Tie 1 9,976,990g View H.R. Wesley
Gorgeous Green Criss Cross Swim Top 1 8,276,080g View Gambino Outfitters
Nitemare Scarf 1 16,567,300,000g View Not Available
Thank You Letter For Feb 2004 1 147,867,000,000g View Not Available
Those Black 90s Pants 1 9,283,570g View Junk in the Trunk
OMFG 1 12,377,700,000g View Not Available
Card Shark Bands 1 37,187,000,000g View Prize & Joy
Bone Dragon Helm 1 77,817,000,000g View Not Available
CoCo Kitty Plushie 1 109,376,000,000g View Not Available
Dark Halo 1 21,483,400,000g View Not Available
Ancient Katana 2 961,910,000,000g View Not Available
Dead Sexy Onyx Skull Pin 1 100g View Durem Depot
Shadow Spirit 1 8,470,020,000g View Not Available
Yin Yang Ninja Band 1 311,797,000,000g View Not Available
Lunar Cloak 1 2,135,080,000g View Not Available

Ai Akis Dream Outfit

TOTAL MARKET VALUE: 800,882,750,000g

Name Quantity Avg. Market Price Market Store
Royal Commander 1 2,952,040,000g View Not Available
White Hind of Avalon 1 3,083,820,000g View Not Available
Celestial Hind of Avalon 1 32,763,300,000g View Not Available
Sterling Starlight Locks 1 8,007,590,000g View Not Available
Misunderstood Prince of Solair 1 10,907,100,000g View Not Available
Resimilita 1 438,974,000,000g View Not Available
Sparkling Catharsis Lucem 1 248,380,000,000g View Not Available
Boreal Empress of Ice 1 55,814,900,000g View Not Available

Final estimations calculated and posted: PeachSchnebly Sat Mar 10, 2018 @ 11:00pm


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