I'm fourteen, I'm a New Yorker, and I love to write. My birthday's March 27.

Right now I'm working on finding an idea to stick to for a novel, and I think I've found the winner.

I hope to be successful in the future and make my parents proud. [:

I believe that same sex marriage and dating is perfectly fine, which causes me to be both confused and slightly annoyed when I hear it getting bashed.

Currently, I have no religion personally. I'm searching for something to believe in, and hopefully it will be true.

I love to make new friends! I'm shy at first but when you get to know me I'm really loud and I don't shut up. (:

I believe online/long distance relationships will work if you're truly committed.

I'm into all types of music and I try to keep open minded at most times, though I do have my ignorant moments.

My strong points are English and History, and most times I like to mix the two together.

Goals I hope to accomplish before I die;

1. Write a novel

2. Travel the world

3. Have no regrets

4. Be successful

5. Help the world any way I can.

6. Make sure my life is worth watching in my final moments.

I believe getting to know someone's mind before their appearance is truly amazing because once you get along with them it really doesn't matter how they look like.


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hey wanna do a a private glee Rp with me?
Charcoal Stripes

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Charcoal Stripes

Haha really. xD
Glee is amazing in general. Lol <3
Lol when's your birthday? I know a lot of people with the same birthday as me, but not the same name. =D
Lol that's cool.
Charcoal Stripes

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Charcoal Stripes

Lol okie dokie!! I'm glad. =]
I saw your name in someone's layout that you created for a friend of mine in a Glee chat RP.
It was small print and I was like, "Whoa.... He's got the Stripes part of my name!!" xD
Lmao, me neither! xD
Charcoal Stripes

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Charcoal Stripes

I am Charcoal Stripes.

Are we related Gaia wise? I mean we both have Stripes as our second name. xDD

I apologize if I freaked you out... =/ It was a joke that popped into my head.
That One Gentleman

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That One Gentleman

- flails -
that's so amazing ohmygosh
That One Gentleman

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That One Gentleman

... did I put twenty six? B|
i mean to say that I was born on March 27th.
th - that's correct this time .. right? D8
That One Gentleman

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That One Gentleman

hey you--
sorry for the random comment; but i noticed your birthday there ..
it's the same as mine ; and i was also born in 1996.

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Can we go offline now with kurt and mercedes

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Thank you for buying! heart


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