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Birthday: 09/19


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heyyy m peace but u can call me wolfie or Grim Jr. m part of something that i can't say m not a normal guy m a diffrent guy m part of Death(Grim Raper or how u might spell it) n m alos part Demon n Angle. If u think i might be crzzy then u got it wrong m not m just diffrent. Oh n one more thing i can be Emo around some people but don't judge me i only do it if m think or when u put me down.

My fave thing i love to do:
1:Listen to any good music
2:Go to a club at night or something
3:I do anthing fun
M althelic even do i don't have a pack -.- i love candycanes i love to sapren them before i eat them i love nerdy girls for some reason there so cute n alos emo girls there hot b***h slut girls eh depends whee m very fun n make u feel like m the best n ur the best even if i sound sad all time i hates smileing even when they say its cute Xp i turn red alot just to say hehe thax for reading this oh n facebook me if u want to its Peace Martinez or its the guy with the hat tillt to his eye i hate shwoing my eyes emotion_kirakira emotion_eyebrow emotion_bigheart emotion_awesome emotion_omnomnom <---- haha oh n m a werewolf guy but i have vampire teeth there very sharp m part navite american n i know sorft of know lots of launges i kinda love cats even when thet srcath my face cat_emo cat_4laugh cat_scream cat_wink cat_whee cat_smile cat_stare cat_3nodding cat_blaugh

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Beautiful Stellar Kara Report | 09/19/2013 3:21 pm
Beautiful Stellar Kara
Happy birthday, Puppy. X3
Beautiful x Mayhem Report | 09/19/2013 2:12 am
Beautiful x Mayhem
Happy birthday! We share the same birthday whee
Demonic Sweets Report | 01/01/2013 12:23 pm
Demonic Sweets
happy birthday peace 3nodding
winter ice queen Report | 09/20/2012 12:03 am
winter ice queen
happy birthday lil bro hope u have a awsome bday from your big sis
Beautiful Stellar Kara Report | 09/19/2012 11:22 am
Beautiful Stellar Kara
Happy Birthday!!!! hope its super special! X)
-BaronGary- Report | 09/19/2012 8:15 am
Happy Birthday!~ Hope you have a good one razz
Beautiful x Mayhem Report | 09/19/2012 12:17 am
Beautiful x Mayhem
Happy Birthday emotion_kirakira

Our birthdays are on the same day!!! emotion_c8
Shady Star Light Report | 01/21/2012 7:37 pm
Shady Star Light
Haha, well I miss you too, you know lol AND YOU WATCHED MY FAV YOUTUBER'S VIDS?? OMG!! that's so awesome biggrin Yeah...they're bunch of fools but their vids make me happy smile lol
hrnfan19 Report | 09/19/2011 8:32 pm
happy brithday smile heart
Shady Star Light Report | 09/19/2011 6:00 pm
Shady Star Light
heart heart HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOLFIE heart heart

Hope you have a good one!!!!! biggrin

Peace the Emo n King of hell n Heavne


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Lil Badass-Nerd97
winter ice queen

best person i ever meet she know alot of me

she is my sis the prettyest person i meet n i can say wat i want to say bout her n i want to say she is beatufil oh and mess with her i kcik ur a**-.-

he is like bro to me **pain in the a****

she is like a part of me that i can't let go in other words she know wat is inside of me

she dose not really show up alot times **sigh** i miss her

my life haas been a mess when i lear that i had a demon n side off so now i can't even know wat f**k it can to me wheni was young i saw it miorr behind i llok like me its was all balck then l8r i kep having heedeggs i kep losing my mermory then i found it bak i was getting older know i my cousin told me that i had ademon in side of me now i don't know wehn it can come out n did the thing did i still don't know it use to get in side off me n awke a diffrent preson in me then i was kep on looking for something thne when it gave up i just rember me cry on the <A style="TEXT-DECORATION: underline" id=_GPLITA_3 title="Powered by Text-Enhance" href="#" in_rurl="">floor</A> now m 13 n idk wat i can't rember but lose some of my meriose n meroise that i even bout oh i also can even make bad things happen to othere people n also i can tell bout ther life just by lloking at them or looking in there eyes soo if u want to just say that m weird but its the truth m a demon angel so m walking by me self with bro.. johnny that helps out thought the future

i am followed alwayys by 3 ghost that r will be with me forever... the first one is alice she has been 5 or 7 for a long time she has been with me since i was born...Peace the Evil Me has just been brought up since a few days ago by a word that made a dobbule me i can't say the word or he will come out n give me chills n tiwich n will poosses my <A style="TEXT-DECORATION: underline" id=_GPLITA_4 title="Powered by Text-Enhance" href="#" in_rurl="">body</A> till i fight bak... the 3rd one he never comes out but watches over me he comes out when he see m <A style="TEXT-DECORATION: underline" id=_GPLITA_4 title="Powered by Text-Enhance" href="#" in_rurl="">die</A> or gonna get in danger he pops out of no where n protects he name is Hero because well he saves me..... i feel like there is more of them that will guide me but i will just live on life n see wat i hit... oh one more thing if u ask me y i look emo in life don't juged me look up Peace Martinez on facebook or serch for me plz