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In a sea of uncertainty

~^.^~ I welcome you to my profile here on gaia.

Name: Ashley xP (Not fond of my name)
Nickname: Ash, Ashie, Ashly, P-chan ^.^


Color: Pink but I also am fond of purple, orange, yellow, green and light blue.
Animal: Penguins and Whale Shark ^^
Actor: Ryan Reynolds.
Game: FFX and pokemon are just a couple but I enjoy a fair few games =3
Food: Breakfast. Crepes, eggs, toast. Yum Yum!
Drink: Iced tea. Both raspberry and pink lemonade.
Candy: Chocolate and caramel =o
Book: Riley Jensen Series >.~
Movie: Nightmare Before Christmas xD
TV series: There are so many. Charmed, SG1, Farscape, Firefly, Being Human, etc. etc.
Cartoon: I love lots of cartoons. It's the kid in me biggrin
Pet Peeve: Being told something I already know, repeatedly.



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MilkPuddingExtraordinaire Report | 03/06/2018 5:50 pm
Thank you very much for purchasing heart
iFelixx Report | 01/11/2018 8:52 am
Thank you and enjoy your purchase of the "Pastille I Scream"! surprised
Hope to see you again!
spookyxmoonxsugar Report | 12/21/2017 5:11 pm
gaia_star Thanks for buyin'!! cat_4laugh gaia_star
TrvppyLUV Report | 09/24/2017 9:29 pm
Thx for stopping by my shop hope to see u again soon smile
Clearingpoint Report | 10/22/2015 2:51 pm
Hello stranger. I'm a stranger too. Now isn't that strange? smile
p00pm0nster Report | 02/01/2014 8:04 pm
Thanks for buying
pls i am lonely Report | 12/22/2012 4:18 am
Thank yoouu for buying~
p.s. i love firefly o: if you look at my profile you'll see i named my dragon after their ship cx kbye
DamnnYouuu Report | 05/01/2011 1:48 pm
thanx for buing
mister bacon123 Report | 09/09/2010 6:00 am
I'll Draw you if you give me a emerald seed rig OR a dark refliction! xp im qusting both. Please Reply no matter what
From Lucy
naenae1220 Report | 09/05/2010 5:46 pm
state is making me where I am reviving help from them... no calls back josh got hired though lol no one wants to hire a prego and yeah I know he only got 2 days in jail for hitting and kicking while I was pregnant and shaking a 4 month old I'm really put off by the whole justice system in this country I just hope he dies or comes to his senses before he kills someone he came close to killing me many is only a matter of time.


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