Name: Patience

Nicknames: Vivian, Patty, Pache, Wolf Gurl, Silver

Gender: Female

Age: as if it matters but whatever 14

Birthdate: 5/17

Hair Color: Dark Brown.

Eye Color: Ocean Blue, light blue, and black all together.

Height: 5'3''

Sexuality: Straight

Piercing: ears

Tattoos: None.

Heritage: Hell I dont have a clue

Food: hmm. . . pancakes!!!

Drink: Fanta

Time of day: Night.

Season: Summer

Day of week: Saterday

Color: Black b/c its everywhere

Where I live: In a boarding school

Magazine: Occasionally

Pet: Im not allowed to have pets, but my teaching parent has two frogs

Friends: Are there for me when I need them

Feelings: that is the most retarded question…

Your Car: I dont have one, not old enough to

Crushes name: I am taken

Grade: I am a freshmen

Style: Anything cute and ME


Band: Way to many, Punk rock and some pop, etc.

Movie: Juno

T.V. show: I dont really watch TV but I made it a tradition to watch King of The Hill everyday when I get off school

Song: It varies

Pastime: Internet, Friends, Books, tying cherry stems with my tounge, and my favorite, thinking! (but, you can’t let me do this too often)

Food: Many many foods

Candy: chocolate

Animal: Wolves all the way!!!

Number: 13

Bagel: I dont like bagels

Letter: um… wow I never thought of that… I guess an ''A'' it is used alot

Body Part(s): hmm… I never thought of that either… umm… idk... maybe an arm...

~This or that~

Pepsi or Coke: Pepsi

McDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds all the way!!!!

Strawberries or Watermelons: i like both!

Hot Tea or Iced Tea: BLECK! niether

Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate

Hot chocolate or Coffee: Hot Chocolate.

Kiss or Hug: It depends but you know if youre my friend.

Dog or Cat: Dogs are outgoing and they just are there for whatever, though they arent as independent…

Rap or Punk: Punk

Summer or Winter: Summer

Fall or Spring: Fall

Summer or Spring: Summer

Winter or fall: Fall

Fall or spring: you have already asked that…

Scary Movies or Funny Movies: varies, both though

Love or Money: Love DUH!


Bedtime: : P 11 pm

Most Missed Memory: My home

Best Physical Feature: Eyes.

First Thought Waking up: ''What the…?''

Goal for the Year: to love more and reach out.

Best Friends: WAY WAY to many to put on here I dont really feel like thinking right now…

Weakness: Love

Fears: um… Idk

~Have you ever~

Sat on a rooftop: I dont recall but I probably have

Kissed someone in the rain: I think so…

Danced in a public place: Yes, unfortunately

Smiled for no reason: sometimes.

Laughed so hard you cried: I think I have

Peed your pants after age 8: I dont remember

Written a song: Yes! But, I kinda moved away so we couldnt sing it.

Sang to someone for no reason: All the time.

Performed on stage: Yes, only in chorus

Talked to someone you didnt know: ...Duh? how else did I meet my friends

Made out in a theater: No. I wish.

Gone Rollerskating since the 8th grade: duh…I went about 4 months ago

Been in love: I am not sure

Had near experience: idk

Sang in front of a large audience: only in chorus class

Ever Drank: No, I only have virgin drinks.

Ever smoked: No never

Ever smoked pot: hell no!!!

Ever been drunk: No.

Ever been beaten up: no, I have never been in a fight and I don’t plan to. For now.

Ever Beaten someone up: Nope, not yet.

Ever been to therapy: Yes, I go regularly.

Ever Shoplifted: yes, but I am not proud of it, it is just something teenagers do therefore we’re retarded.

Ever skinny dipped: yes

Ever kissed the opposite : duh.

Been Dumped lately: no, i did it

~Can you?:~

Write with both hands: No left is hard enough

Wistle: Yes but poorly.

Blow a bubble: Yes

Roll your tongue: idk

Cross your eyes: Yes

Touch your tongue to your nose: nope I can’t

Dance: NO!!

Speak in a different language: nope

Impersonate someone: it depends on who it is

Cok anything: yes, I love to.

Put your legs behind your head: WOAH that would hurt no.

~Are you~

A fighter: not yet

A lover: defiantly

A War Freak: never

A Heart breaker: Only when necessary

In Love: idk

Bossy: I would like to think not

Friendly: mostly to everyone.


What is your current mood: worried and tired

Does your crush like you back: I have a bf

What makes you happy: Friends, Music, Books, and talking

Name one thing you do a lot: think, and love

Name someone with the same birthday as you: my friends grand dad

Are you comfortable with your height: sure

Number of regrets: infinity

Countries I'd like to visit: California, and Romania.

Countries I'd like to live in: United States.

How do you want to die: doing something kind, or sleep

Been to the mall lately: I can only go out of the county and to the mall every THREE months

Do you like thunderstorms: well, I like the sound of it but I the groggy feeling after it rains.

Get along with your parents: I haven’t seen my parents in about 7 months

Health Freak: no, I could care less about my health..

Do you think your attractive: I would like to think so

Believe in yourself: Not always. I do sometimes…

Want to go the college: Yes. The best one I can get into

Want to get married: ...Yes.

Do you want to have children: yes I do want kids…

Do you have your future kids names planned out: No, Not really.

Age you wanna lose your virginity: whenever I get bored and im with my bf.

Hate anyone: idk if I accually ''hate'' any1

Theme song: um. . . ''Our Song'' – Taylor Swift

Video on my profile: ''Die mother er die''

~Finish the line~

If I were a: ...? I don’t know

I wish: ...at 11:11

I am: Me. 4 ever

My heart is: taken

Pet peeves: hmm… when people ask too many questions

movies: pass time

Birthplace: Seneca, SC

Current location: Tamassee DAR School, Salem

weight: About 103-111 pounds.

Boyfriend: yes

Overused Phrase: "Make me."

~Do you?~

Shower Daily: Yes, every morning

Brush your teeth daily: when ever I remember

Sing: its okay

Dance: I do but I didn’t say I danced good

Drink: never, I am at Tamassee DAR School I can’t

Smoke: No.

Read Books: Hell Yeah!

Read Magazines: occasionally

Have a religion: you can say I am christian

Have a BF: yes

Play an Instrument: I play some guitar that’s about it...

~What I would like in a soul mate~

Eye color: Doesn't matter really

Hair color: , Black, Blond

Short or long hair: I would like to say both but it can’t be passed your shoulders...

Height: Taller than I.

Style: whatever you want to wear, by God wear it

Looks or personality: Personality all the way, But if they have both, Great!

Hot or Cute: Cute, Definitely

Drugs and alcohol: no , but drinking is okay at the right time

Muscular or Really Skinny: I like mine average


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Well, that sucks. They should trust you more. I don't even see you, but i still believe you.

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Why do they think you aren't honest?

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Ok. And if you want to ever mail me, my old account i don't use anymore. Now its trancefan19@hotmail.com

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Wow. That probably sucked User Image

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So anything else new lately?

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Well, that makes you great friend too

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You are welcome. I always want to see my friends happy


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