Hello everyone! My name is Katie! I have been on and off Gaia for many years. I actually have two accounts c: This will be your basic "mule"; however, you will be able to find me on The Official Allen Walker until August 10th! In fact, this is when my summer vacation ends! I am officially a senior in high school, then I am off to college ^_^. I will be 18 in September.

Currently, I am single. I plan on staying that way! If you would like to stay in touch I do have Skype, but you must get to know me first before I add you! I have been known to switch from game to game. I play Mabinogi on the Mari Server and I am known as Silverluna. I ,also, play League of Legends. My summoner name is Deidorimu! Just add me whenever. Dankeā™„

If you would like me be my friend, just add me. So far I don't have very many... because most of them left Gaia. Please be the first to say hi because i'm terribly shy...!

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