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my name is mikayla smile my stage name is "allie apathetic" but mikaylas my real name smile
im 15 currently in highschool.. im mixed with a hazel green eyes .lol. i love having fun so dont be an a** around me also i am bisexual but i only date few females who are actually attractive --> i love eating ice cream and cookies <well actually all sweets but shhh> lol im 5'8 soo yea im pretty tall for my age. i guess you could say i look like im 18 alot of people do tell me that but its only because i have a very devloped body. my favorite color is purple and i do rave like no other my rave name is CREATION (it used to be ninetails but got renamed sad im no fake so please get it straight im not interested in the poser ravers who think they rave but dont really. i only do exstacy when im at a rave and thats it well drinking is another thing i only drink when im a party lol but who doesnt?!?!. i do believe in GOD and if you dont cool. SCENE QUEEN?idk people think i can be th next sene queen but i honestly think i look like every other raver out there exotic lol people do think i should do professional photography but idk my cameras my life no im not fake ok these pictures really are me yes i really toook them of myself ok lol so stop asking stupid questions people bothered me into putting pictures of myself up . razz ohhhh and another thing im very straight to the point when i talk im very real with who i am and how i feel so if i dont like you im going to say it to your face nine times out of ten.i enjoy whatching scary movies and ohhh im affraid of clowns sooo uhmm if there was ever an attck on the world and the attackers were killer clowns i would trip your a** and leave you in a heartbeat!!!! smile i do have a cell phone but i dont give out my number unless were close sorry!! lol sooo neways if you have nemore questions just message me smile i love random pms hahahah i do have a gaian mom and dad and sister but im always looking for more family so you can add me and be a nother sister or brother smile im always open biggrin anyways if you would like to add me you should because i love new people to talk to and hang out with biggrin also as you can tell i do love shugo chara and for that matter i like whatching alot of anime and manga and reading them too and i dont consider it lame at all!!! i love ikuto hes my favorite anime character out of all anime for so many reasons.... and no im not one of those people who feel they are going to grow up and marry an anime person lol im not interested in paper and markers and colored pencils smile neways NYA......btw i have been almost eaten by a wolf on gaia sad which is cruel so please do me a favor and dont try to eat me because im smaller than you okkk?? smile thank you ..... lol anyways i dont like stalkers its unhealthy >.< im always open to hugs even from strangers ive ******** up alot through my life but havent we all??? you can say im pretty you can say im ugly it doesnt at effect me it doesnt boost nor drop my self esteem honestly i think im pretty just the way i am and i dont give a you know what about whatelse everyone else thinks anyways im getting bored and if you have any other questions off course just ask k dont be afriad to message or add mee >.<


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Cassies journal of suff hehehe

im cassie and umm im not really sure on what i really want to write just message or comment to give me an idea!!!


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SinTea Report | 02/12/2020 7:44 pm
SinTea Report | 12/07/2019 12:28 am
Hello! How are you?
RAWR DAMN IT Report | 05/13/2012 5:02 pm
i miss you here hahaha
Rainbow_Spirit_6248 Report | 12/16/2011 3:14 pm
dont read this or else)NO!!! im serious i had to send this to ten people and u better 2 im so so so sorry!!!

"they pushed her"

Carmen Winstead

was pushed

down a sewer opening

by 5 girls in her school,

trying to

embarrass her

in front of

her school

during a fire drill.

When she didn't submerge

the police were called.

They went down

and brought up

17 year old

Carmen Winstead's


her neck broken from

hitting the ladder,

and then the

side concrete at the bottom.

The girls told everyone she fell...

They believed them.


2 months ago,

16 year old

David Gregory

didn't repost it.

When he went to

take a shower he heard


from his shower,

he started freaking out

and ran to his computer

to repost it.

He said goodnight

to his mom

and went to sleep.

5 hours later

his mom woke up

in the middle of the night

cause of a loud noise.

and his face skin peeled off.

Even google her name- you'll find this to be true

If you don't repost this saying

"they pushed her"

Then Carmen will get you,

either from a sewer, the toilet, the shower,

or when you go to sleep you'll wake up in the sewer,

in the dark, then Carmen will come for you

send this to 10 people no send backs by midnight tonight or cameron will come for you

David was gone.

That morning

a few hours later

the police found him in the


his neck broken

im soo sorry about this!!read this post and re post it
Diamond Sailor Moon Report | 10/05/2011 3:05 pm
Diamond Sailor Moon
Oh WOWIE!!! You look soooooooo Beautiful!!! Awesome Pictures!! 4laugh I wish I was THAT Beautiful!!!
Art by MEeeeeeeeeeeeee!! (NO COPYING!!!) scream
User Image
Me and My Best GaiaFriend, *RainbowGem29*!! heart ____ heart
VOCA Len Kagamine02 Report | 10/05/2011 3:12 am
VOCA Len Kagamine02
*hugs passion* good wolf wink
BSPBleach Report | 10/04/2011 7:46 pm
oh indeed!! i'll pm ya!
BSPBleach Report | 10/04/2011 7:41 pm
heya rave!!! it has been ages >< partly my fault i guess. i have a knack for pissing mum off. other than that, i've benn good and busy xd how has you been?
VOCA Len Kagamine02 Report | 10/03/2011 4:44 pm
VOCA Len Kagamine02
well dont work yourself too hard remember i still want my wolf by my side
VOCA Len Kagamine02 Report | 10/02/2011 1:36 pm
VOCA Len Kagamine02
ive been busy and i dont get on this as much but at least i have a loyal friend wink


Sex is a Sensation
Caused by Temptation.
A guy sticks his Location
In a girl's Destination
To increase the Population
Of the next Generation
Do you get my Explanation?
Or do you need a Demonstration[;

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i love ikuto!! <shugo chara>

this is the guy who made me change my mind about all
guys smile

this is the guy who makes me laugh and giggle when
all i want to do is cry

this is the guy who makes my beat fater and slower at the
same time

this is the guy who makes me feel so wanted

this is the guy who loves me for me raver and all

this is the guy who makes me happier than anything

and the best part?? -he's all mine- <3 i love you



my faorite comic in the world! cherry juice


i follow PLUR!

peace >.

love >.< ♥

unity >.<

respect >.<