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Im 19, I live in a town in Northern Ontario. I like pretty much all types of music, music runs through my blood. It's a generational thing, my grandfather was a musician and I myself dabble a bit in singing, but I would never turn it into a full time career. I like being random and living for the moment. Fun is something I am always up for. Relationship wise I would love to be the Ramona Flowers to somebody's Scott Pilgrim. Well, minus the 7 Deadly Ex's.

The number one thing I find I am good at is finding new original ways to celebrate or to show how much I care about things and people who are important to me. I am pretty good at drawing if I do say so myself. Along with this, I like to think I'm good at writing.

I've been told first thing people notice is my curly hair. After that, it's my interestingly coloured eyes.

I spend a lot of time thinking about lot of things, mostly the future. I do think about the past and look for ways and things that didn't go as planned, and learned how they have taught me some kind of lessons. Looking to the future, I think about how everything I manage to make it through everything that's going on now. I figure if I think I won't die until I'm old, I won't need to worry, because I know I'll live through everything else.

I'd have to say my biggest piece of baggage is that I've read Twilight, because they were left to me from a friend who passed away in a fire a few years ago. What I found odd was his mother went through his books and highlighted things that had relevancy to my friends death, like a date in the book which actually was the date of his death.

Favourite books are as follows: Pet Semetary(Yes, I know it is misspelled, but Stephen King intended to do that), Cujo, IT, the Harry Potter series, and I also include Batman comics in this sector.

Favourite movies are as follows: Big Fish, Pet Semetary, Cujo, IT, Harry Potter, Harold and Kumar, Eight Crazy Nights, and South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut.

Favourite shows are as follows: first and foremost is House MD, South Park, BeingHuman(US), TrueBlood, Family Guy, The Simpsons, and on a lesser note, The Cleveland Show.

Favourite music is as follows: Creature Feature is among my new favourites. As far as music goes my taste ranges greatly. The only two kinds I don't care for are Screamo and Heavy Metal.

Favourite food is as follows: Poutine, Taco Salad, Pizza Lazagnia, again, the list here goes long. I'm not overly picky when it comes to food.
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