A Short Haiku About the Beauty of the Cauliflour

The Cauliflower
Like broccoli but, uh, not
Broccoli is green

O s**t Dat Me

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I'm a socially awkward creep.
Who may or may not be standing right behind you right now.
Just kidding.
I'm Paranormal Teddy.
Feel free to call me Ted, Teddy, or Para. Whatever suits you.
I am absolute weeb trash. My favorite anime is Tokyo Ghoul and favorite manga is Pandora Hearts.
I also really like drawing. Here's a link to my DeviantArt if you're curious.

Also I am always on the hunt for art for my OC's and my avatar and cabbages and basically anything. I just really love art.
Go check out that panel to the right.
Yeah it's a good panel.
Full of happy thoughts.


I am always searching for art! Whether it be of my current avatar or one of my OC's, I don't care! I love all art of all styles and what-have-you.
Here are ALL of my characters, sorted into various folders. I would appreciate art of anyone from there, but I'd ask that you stray away from anything in the Unsorted section.
I'm particularly looking for art of my OCs Ivory and Ossein. They're brothers (twins, actually), and honestly my two favorites > v>""
If you give me art of my characters, it WILL go on my! If you want it linked to somewhere other than you Gaia profile, please tell me!

If you want a freebie from me, please do not PM me!
(unless we are friends)
I usually have a freebie thread or two running around somewhere, so if you can find one of those then you're set.

I also stream a lot on weekends, so if you're interested I'd check on Saturdays lol.

Art Trades
Not much info here, I'm literally always up for trades with anybody. Anybody. Even stick figures.
For this one you can just drop a comment on my profile asking.