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thats me smile

info <33;
alright, so. my name is natasha (:, i am 25 & my birthday is on november 27th <3 , and i live in Ontario. <33. o Nymphetamine o is da love of my life. id like to say im normal, but thats not so, i am very unique in better words, i really dont know how to explain me, ;p. i guess you can say i have trust issues, had my heart broken one too many times. dont really know if love even exists, seems like its all games but when i do trust you, i forgive too easily, caant win either way rofl .im finally done schoooool <333 yaaay. biggrin ... i love helping others, <3.
i have been on this site since about late '05. all in different accounts, and banned for "buying/profitting from hacked items" ofcourse, i had no idea.
but im not to worried about it.
im very happy with what i have now <3
i will eventually quest it all back. smile ...if i feeel like it.

ill add more as i think of it. hahaha.

the doonts; <3
dont send me a pm requesting donations, i dont donate to beggars.
dont randomly add me, ill decline if i dont know you.
thanks smile

donate-r's smile
an anonymous benefactor - chicky slippers. heart
Captain-Ryan- 35k heart
The Kinky Cracker - 50k heart
sorry too slow v2 - 1000k heart
Studio DJ- 350k, Pink bunny slippers, Imginary friend 1st gen, Pink neko display , Lala the koala plushie, Alrunette heart
Sephirothman- may 2005 x2 heart
th3 k1d- 1100k heart
The Kinky Cracker- Noel's gift 5th gen , 50k heart
Yolo Biatch Niqqa- Peachy Scarf, Wendy's Care, DJ Media Headphones, Valefor Academy, Champion Halls, Mini Angel Wings, Taffy Mini Angel Wings, Violet Devil Tail and The Cherubic Queen of Solair. heart heart heart heart
Master Jew- Pink Sugar Mini Angel Wings heart
Megatronosaurus Rex - Eve's Wings,New Year's Champagne, Fremere's Guard 8th Gen., Lawful Master, S-Pop Club: Taja, Icy Marionette, A New Year, Man'o'War, Diana's Lace, Demon's Prominence, Checkered Terrors, Damaged Duelliste, Rose Saga 2nd Gen., Cassiopeia Sweetheart, Custom Cut Couture, Warm Mysterious Conjuring Braids, Checkmate Abate, Merciless Cook, Simmering Shame, Lavish Perky Trainee's Cute Locks, Zom Bea, Counterfeit Royal, Azure Immortal Veil (2), Counterfeit Admirer (2), Stylish Couture Groom, My Bloody Valentine, Brisk Thoughtful Groom, Raspberry Angelic Bride, Timmy 6th Gen, Summer Bride, Azuramella, Spring Rose, Couture Bride, Juno's Lace, Butterfly's Lament, Princess Estelle, Ghastly Triplet, Neapolitan Pandalita, The Celestial Queen of Solair, Burned Dread, Dark Chocolate, Silkrose Stroll, Ebony Debutante, Fierce Loathing Style, Incubi's Amethyst Wings (2), Incubi's Emerald Wings, Jupiter's Lace, Antique Triplet, Stygian Sham, Ghastly Professor, Brown Bun-Bun Plushie, Asimov, Onyx Bolster Sword, Beach Day, Bunny Flop, Steamgear Desperado, Astra: Rolling Rainstorm, Comet Breaker, Astra: Prismatic Promise, Dark Star Cygnus, Highlander's Promise, Bom Bom The Bunny (2), Trilune's Covenant 3rd Gen., Loathing Style, Golden Uniform, Ornith Schoolboy, She Sells Seashells, Console Marathon, Boundless Space, Starkeeper's Astrolabe, Eminent Gideon, Astra: Rose Breeze, Dumpling the Bear, Dark Crowned Ranks, 11th Anniversary Dark Halo, Astra: Mini Gold Flapping Angel Wings (2), Black Grunny, Lavender Grunny, Elaborate Death, Guardian Shaman (2), Jekyll's Corruption, Calculated Loyal's Reprise, Punishing Tristitia, Early Summer Groom (2), Light Violinist's Soft Wavy Locks, Oh Calm Brother & Blackjaxs. heart heart
Courtney the Weeb- Fallen Penultimate Angel heart
o Nymphetamine o- Tryxachu redface heart
II Miss Pariah II- Black Heartstring heart

ps, for anyone else that has donated, im sorry i dont remember, my whole profile was erased and not by me. so if you donated, let me know smile and ill add you. heart
heart heart heart heart heart heart


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gaia_angelleft Thanks for the purchase=^.,.,.^= gaia_angelright

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Heyyyyy! How are you?! 4laugh
Im Your Karma

Report | 03/19/2017 4:59 am

Im Your Karma

HI! heart
Im Your Karma

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Im Your Karma

Hey! How are you?

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That's the spirit!
And the list is only 5 pages long, back and forth and in small print. So pretty much a small list.
` Bunneh

Report | 02/27/2017 6:28 am

` Bunneh

heart heart heart heart heart
` Bunneh

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` Bunneh

Well I'm here now smile
` Bunneh

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` Bunneh

Must be a helluva lot then.... heart heart you're too sweet.

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Do that or use your charm and land yourself a millionaire.
I'll PM my list of wants.
` Bunneh

Report | 02/21/2017 5:57 am

` Bunneh

Miss you more Princess heart heart heart


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