Where to start...
Martial artist first, everything else second.
Warrior of Sunlight a.k.a Sunbro.
I'm not a nerd I'm an intellectual badass.
The closest thing this world will ever get to an actual d**k Grayson.
I'd like to think I'm pretty damn good at roleplaying.
I've got enough vices but I can always add one more.
There is no better there is only different.
Born and bred New Yorker.
I don't care for the city I prefer the quiet of the wilderness.
And now for an obligatory segment from a song.

If I let you, you would make me destroy myself. But in order to survive you, I must first survive myself. I can sink no further and I cannot forgive you. There's no choice but to confront you, to engage you, to erase you. I've gone to great lengths to expand my threshold of pain. I will use my mistakes against you. There's no other choice. Shameless now. Nameless now. Nothing now. No one now. But my soul must be iron cause my fear is naked. I'm naked and fearless. And my fear is naked.

-Song below.


To be a king

Combat and roleplay.



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Happy early birthday~

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heart emotion_kirakira yum_puddi
cat_4laugh <<< look its a kitty like me!!!
Doctor Acinemod Irralius

Report | 05/03/2014 6:58 pm

Doctor Acinemod Irralius

d**k Grayson, eh? Does that mean you're second best? ;D
Gothic Godiva

Report | 05/01/2014 7:21 am

Gothic Godiva

Hopefully your message doesn't mean you're "too good" for me... I can't help teasing you.
Chewing on Plastic

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Chewing on Plastic

Le poke c:

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4laugh heart sweatdrop

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Congrats on the tournament last night! That's very cool too hear you took 1st!
Gothic Godiva

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Gothic Godiva

Hey there sweetie, I just dropped by to bring a bit of sexy to your page.

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Happy Birthday!!!


Hope you have a wonderful day and have lots of cinnamon sticks to chew on.


A most complete annihilation
Painting a future so damn bleak
Sever the last of human contact
To die a paragon pariah
Detested, forgotten, alone

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Ladies of literacy need apply