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XxTheDeamonxX Report | 10/19/2008 2:23 pm
yes yes i am and how ichanged back
XxTheDeamonxX Report | 10/19/2008 2:18 pm
dude do u no how to change bac

alls u do is go bac to skin tyte and buy human vitaiman a,b,c,d or i hink thre is e but try it 2 change bac into human
g22g Report | 03/11/2008 11:15 am

Man, it looks like your going to twist your foot...

Or like your doing some weird dance move.

ah, I understand. Allot of my friends are like that, they never log on. And when they do its because they want to talk about something serious.

But Varsity, that's big. The high school I went to ( I just graduated) didn't have any sports teams. It was a vocational school, meaning they taught you small careers your junior and senior year. So they dedicated all the money towards those programs. Also, it would be unfair to the other schools from around the district because our school could get any kid no matter how far they lived. As long as they had good grades that is.

Ugh, football... Even if I didn't like football to begin with, can you imagine liking football and having the Cardinals as your state team??

g22g Report | 02/05/2008 7:01 am
Wow...lacrosse. I tried playing that once in Eight grade, when in PE we were studying different sports. It was amazingly difficult.

Well, truth be told, no one actually played well. I'm from Phoenix, so the main sport is Soccer. I dont even any of the schools in Phoenix have a lacrosse team...

Is that you in the pic? Are you suppose to bend your legs like that?
Millenium Snow Report | 11/23/2007 1:22 pm
How have you been? ^.^
lykins-mule Report | 11/13/2007 2:52 am
Hey Baby!

I love you!
Paige The One Report | 10/29/2007 7:41 pm
I <3 Rachelle!
Arasay Report | 08/26/2007 5:06 pm
dante2444 Report | 08/24/2007 8:20 pm
was marching band any better today?
Royal Syndrome Report | 08/19/2007 4:21 am

this is a message from the asian.



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I no longer exist.


I'm feeling alive all over again
As deep as the sky under my skin
Like being in love, she said, for the first time