im 14. my b-day is november 6. Im a scorpio :3. im kinda shy. not a Judgey person and not one for drama. even tho im shy dosent mean im a square or stupid or weak if i trust u ull Find im not how i may appear. theres a lot to be learned under the surface ^^ im not the kind of person who likes to be complemented. I have a... different style xD i dont wanna look or act like every other chick... i refuse to be put in a mold > neutral i also get annoyed very easily. i hate complainers to an extreme xP im a tomboy, that wears makeup, that has an unhealthy hate for the color pink/purple and sparkly things biggrin i also am not a fan of commercial music. rock rap reggae & dubstep are the go to s**t for me. some things i like are DC shoes, gekos, snakes, tattoos, piercings, good music, eyeliner, science e.i. phycology, art, poetry, rainbows, hoodies, hawiians black and samoans biggrin , guys with curly hair and beanies ♥ biggrin . the things that get on my nerves are complainers, rude and fake people, girly-girls, people who take there time spelling EVERYTHING wrong, & people with HUGE a** egos!!! im not a hater im just somone with opinions and a short temper... not violent, just annoyed easily. biggrin anyways i love conversation, but will never start it, so hit me up with questions & s**t... btw ill try almost anything once, i hate being called a p***y. :3