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Paper 24

Introvert Synth 80's Music Video Games Reading Drawing Rp

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Art by: Mewshake


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Art By: -Fancy R
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Art By: trash garbage

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Art By: Tofusaur

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Art by: RooBunneh


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Narkisses Report | 10/28/2020 11:19 pm
That is SO SO cool! 4laugh
Narkisses Report | 10/28/2020 10:00 pm
Wicked avi and gorgeous art! 4laugh
Suyuku-SAMA Report | 10/11/2020 3:13 pm
Thank you so much for buying Elf Bae, love your avi and have a good fay! heart
Lu Sosa Report | 09/14/2020 6:16 pm
Thank you so much for adding my avi to your favs, it's an amaing compliment. I love yours too~ whee
Youmuus Report | 08/31/2020 12:11 pm
lol np biggrin
Youmuus Report | 08/31/2020 12:07 pm
sorry for stalking but i saw your pants and was like "AHFIUSDNFUIDSN THOSE ARE CUTE ASF"
sha312 Report | 08/11/2020 9:52 pm

Ara Ara!
sha312 Report | 07/26/2020 12:10 am
What is the blue eye item on your wishlist Paper?
Soapy-fins Report | 07/21/2020 6:04 pm
You're welcome :3
How are you?
Soapy-fins Report | 07/21/2020 5:08 pm
Your avi is really really cute~~ c: