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The Twins I Raised

(Girl) - Jirachi (F)

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(boy) - Jirachi (M)

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Craving for This Items!

Think, Marco Think!

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Mermaid Melody fan me! - everytime we touch...

Musics 2 the Max!


What I am Rasing Now...

(Boy) - Uknown Type

Poison Edge - Damage 100 Accuracy: 100%
Fly - Damage 25-65 Accuracy: 75%
Dive - Damage 075 Accuracy: 50%
Sleep Powder -Damage --- Accuaracy 50%

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When My pokemon is angered
The atacks of my pokemon sha'll be 2x powerful than before and the accuaracy is perfected.

About Me

Well what can i say im not good at playing this but i can hang out at people..

I Like hanging out..

and i like girls who truly knows my feelings...

beacause im one of an emo.

(^_ (^_ (^_ (^_

(^_ (^_ (^_ (^_

My Name Is Marco Paulo F. Bernabe

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- About Gaia Cash Cards


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Hi i am not a milioneir but im just a person who wants to be loved and who wants to love i hope you understand my feelings and play this...

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amzngirl Report | 11/15/2008 7:09 pm
ty for buying from my shop =]
Stir-Fry-Frenzy Report | 10/12/2008 1:02 am
I love it, it is so cool User Image
serena de brigente Report | 09/20/2008 9:56 am
serena de brigente
Thats terrible about your parents. Hopefully it will get better.

I'm glad that you are doing good in school, education is always important no matter what.

Hopefully you'll make the cadets.

Good Luck.
serena de brigente Report | 09/20/2008 9:11 am
serena de brigente
Hi back.

Happenings are good.

Just been busy. Its my first year in college so I've been really busy as well. How science going?
Viva La Dalek Report | 04/26/2008 6:22 am
Viva La Dalek

Awesome Avi ^^
serena de brigente Report | 03/17/2008 4:30 pm
serena de brigente
Hey long time no speak,

I'm doing good how about you?
Notnekozawa Report | 03/15/2008 12:32 am
*pets snake* User Image
Accountbanner5306 Report | 01/26/2008 12:16 pm
wat chu doin
Bugars Report | 01/22/2008 9:42 am
Thanks for voting for me. User Image
Accountbanner5306 Report | 01/13/2008 5:10 pm


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My Dream Avatar.

serena de brigente

Well do i look good? Emo Style *Woot* (^_ (^_ (^_

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I am joseph the girlfriend of chiki_gurl, her name Kristine...

I am Kristine the girlfriend of josef.... I am the older sister of pao2x5, his real name is Marco...

I am Ivan acsiouly (wrong spelling) Marco Created my gaia account and i also use it... I am the niece of marco.... ^_^..

I am Marco 12 years old from Philippines, and this are my family members and joseph maybe will be one of my family members ^_^....

Ivan is 5 years old and Ate kristine is 19 years old...

Let us pray...

*Praying* Thank You God For All The Blessings May You Guide us in everywhere we go, Me, Serena de brigente, and all of my friends... Amen *Snif* *Snif* Yum! there food!

Beh! ^___^ Well What Can I say I am just a kid With huge participation in petitions. Like Gaia - Unfair or Overprotective? Adik Mode in Gaia ^____^

Free x Mr Snuggles x Free him i say!

See that cat? If i Choose to be a cat i Like to be a cat with styles.