23. Pansexual. College drop-out. Depression. Anxiety. emotion_bigheart

Quench your thirst somewhere else boys, I have a partner. Girls are welcome to flirt. ♥ If you're a nice person I'm going to be nice right back. No random friend requests, please.

If you're actually curious about the type of person I am, go to my blog to figure it out.

I will include this little post that I wrote in a thread asking what makes you happy, 'cause I think it's a pretty good general overview of who I am:
♥Being nice to people.
♥Sparkly/glittery things.
♥Ghibli Movies.
♥Having someone lightly stroke my back.
♥Colorful things.
♥Empty notebooks.
♥Bursts of creative energy.
♥Flash dance/flash orchestra videos.
♥Filling up jars with paper stars.
♥Making things for people.
♥Bubble baths.
♥Cherry blossom gardens.
♥Being in the middle of a bunch of blankets and pillows.
♥Stuffed animals.
♥Gel pens.
♥Craft stores.
♥Video games/watching people play video games.
♥My baby sister.

They may sound childish, but I'm not embarrassed by the things that make me happy, because I need to grasp onto any little thing that does.

~ Warrior Maiden ~
~ Deer Goddess ~


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Silme Heryn's Book of Rants

In this journal I will probably just rant on and on about things that are bothering me, or I might type some things in here if I am bored. ^_^



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your current avi is sooo cute!

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you're online!!!
Leaden D

Report | 03/27/2015 6:18 pm

Leaden D

OMG your avatar is the best ever.

emotion_kirakira Its so pretty~
Mini Monstrosity

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Mini Monstrosity

Oooh, I see it now! I had to zoom in to see it because of the laptop. It's really cute!
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Mini Monstrosity

I really like it whee
Is that a unicorn cat with you?
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Mini Monstrosity

Your avatar reminds me of a sailer moon character
Mini Monstrosity

Report | 01/19/2015 8:45 pm

Mini Monstrosity

It's fine xD
I think I'm going to head to bed.
Have a nice night!
Unless.. If it's day there.. Uuuhhmm
You know what I mean
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Mini Monstrosity

It's not that bad...
It's not that good either XD
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Mini Monstrosity

Only because I'm on a tablet XD
You're so close!
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Mini Monstrosity

I finally got into your shop. Hehe 3nodding
You're welcome ~
How close are you?


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