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still awesome. emotion_dealwithit heart


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JustPeachy7 Report | 03/23/2017 6:34 pm
hello :3 just wanted to say that your avvi is super cute! heart
asthuran Report | 12/12/2016 9:50 pm
I claim dominance of this comment section.
ZakeraZero Report | 10/19/2016 1:28 pm
Aww. It happens with time. Welcome back? biggrin
Michi-chan87 Report | 10/05/2016 9:44 pm
GUUUURL, you still get on here! xd I haven't been on here in forever!! I don't even know what to do anymore!? Maybe I'll check out the forums...
Rei Report | 04/20/2016 5:14 pm
Huzzaah!! Yes thank you lol. They are coming to my town in June, but I'm torn between taking a class to get my CPL which happens maybe once in a while or seeing them sad Adulting sucks!
s o f t k i t t y x Report | 03/11/2014 8:21 pm
Sevi Rais Report | 03/11/2014 3:59 pm
Haha, how funny is that? So cool! Yeah I'm still hanging around. It was for this contest long ago but I lost and I'm still here, but not as active. My friends aren't as active as they used to be too. Gaia has totally changed. Just look at the MP. Everything is way too much and no one can afford anything (without real money, of course). I'm thinkin about cashing out my letters and buying art and leaving. Idk. We'll see.

But so crazy! Law school? So smart! I can't stand that stuff but I'm glad it actually sounds exciting to you. To me it makes me groan. All that stuff to read! Lawyers have to read a lot. @________@!!! And yeah, I hope so. I have nothing to lose selling my book as an ebook, really. I'll let you know when I do it! Some time at the end of May. (: Do you have a nook, kindle, or ipad?
Sevi Rais Report | 03/09/2014 5:30 pm
OMGGGGGGG!!!!! heart heart heart heart heart heart heart !!!!!!

MISS YOUUU~ hope you are doing well now!! What are you doing? Why are you back?! I can't believe I'm still here. XD;;;;

I'm kinda trying to go to another website now (figment) but more to sell my book when I convert it to an ebook in May. *nodnod* I'm just going to self-publish. What are you doing?
Sevi Rais Report | 11/02/2011 11:19 pm
Pan pan! One day you will come back and I'll be all AW PAN PAN! crying heart Happy birthday!!
Sevi Rais Report | 07/24/2011 7:02 pm
Panpan! heart I'm so glad you're doing well! How is school going? Whatcha been up to? (:

Me? Nothing special. Trying to sell my novel. I have letters in but I'm soooo scared to open them and have it be a rejection! XD!


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