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hi there! Welcome!


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listen up


sneak peek 'bout me

hi! i'm AJ.. 15 y/o..

me likey, GREEN and BLACK...

i watch tv.. i watch shows mostly on ETC, Velvet, Jacktv and animax.. but i watch anything what the tv has to offer.. that is if i'm totally bored..

i love listening to music.. especially songs from the bands, PARAMORE and of course PANIC AT THE DISCO.. i just love 'em!
i love Brendon Urie and Ryan Ross!
totally, dude!

i like to read.. read anything that is of my interest.. manga. i love kamikaze kaito jeanne.. i'm trying to complete all 7 books.
i still don't have books 3 and 7.. so if you know where could i get these volumes,, tell me.

i sometimes write..

i draw a LOT! i love drawing.. and i'm still improving myself at it..

i like swimming, badminton, volleyball and at times basketball.. i do these stuffs just if i feel like it..

i would totally love to learn to play the guitar, the piano, drums.. and i'm intrigued about the violin.. :3

sluts. whore. b***h. back fighters (don't you even try to stab my back coz' i'll stab urs. literally.). and so much drama. plus i don't like people who are so arrogant..
i don't know.. i just don't like 'em..

you might think that i'm a 'softy'.. just try to mess with me and i'll show you how tough i can be.

be nice to me or you'll just end up crying..


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Frostbite Blade
Frostbite Blade
Fairy Wings

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Ancient Katana
Four Horsemen
Black Glamrock Belt
Alruna's Rose
Black Goth Boots
Black Goth Skirt
Coal Gunner Coat
Berry Tavern Wench's Cincher
Ash Hot Top
April Birthstone Crown

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Buddhist Monk's Straw Sandals
Daisy's Warm Dress
Hermes' Moon 7th gen
Autumn Glory
Autumn Glory
Autumn Glory
Autumn Glory

Pepsi cola went to town.Coca cola locked him down...Doctor Pepper picked him up Now were drinking 7up..7up got the were drinking Mountain Dew....Montain Dew fell off the were drinking out of a Funtain.....fountain some how broke now were drinking Cherry coke....cherry coke lost the cherry now were drinking Logan Berry...logan berry said"OH DEAR"now were drinking Root beer,wat a joke now were back to drinking COKE!
J to the E to the T to the S Jets kick a** from East to West


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Supa_Fly78 Report | 12/31/2009 8:59 am
so.....You woke up one morning and saw me in your bed laying next to u what would u do?

1) Go back to sleep

2) Slap me

3) Cuss me out

4) Stop drinking so much. Damn!

5) Just tell me to leave

6) Climb on top of me and cuddle

7) ******** me

8 ) Make me breakfast

9) Ask me my name

10) Call the cops

11) Other (Please specify)

12) kiss me

13) say good morning

pm me your answer

lol please reply. Then send to your other friends and

see how many and which answers you get,

see how many people want you in their bed...

you might be surprised by the answers you

Supa_Fly78 Report | 01/30/2009 11:05 pm
its been great! how r u?
Supa_Fly78 Report | 01/02/2009 11:50 am
Supa_Fly78 Report | 09/21/2008 10:24 am
HI avent seen ya in a long time pm me k
crazydeath6666546 Report | 09/21/2008 9:56 am
This post was removed because it appeared to be spam / chain mail.
XxXxXxMExXxXxX Report | 07/28/2008 4:53 am
Taya52 Report | 07/14/2008 5:51 pm
This post was removed because it appeared to be spam / chain mail.
Supa_Fly78 Report | 07/10/2008 12:02 pm
Wow u should have seen it I was skate boarding and I did a kick flip off the ramp and landed on my arm and then i broke it

Kewl hey! smile
vampyrnide Report | 06/29/2008 2:20 pm
Hellue ^^,

Nice side!
XxXxXxMExXxXxX Report | 06/20/2008 1:03 am
Pope Ninja gaara

i'm dead SERIOUS.