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Who is pangolin?
For RP purposes, if you're really curious.

Name: Pangolin Amakura. Originally pangolin only had a first name, but when she escaped from her family and entered society she found that everyone had both a first and a last name, and so took the first one she heard, which happened to be a Japanese exchange student. Never mind that Amakura was actually her first name, alas poor pangolin didn't understand Japanese culture at the time and if she was truly taking the last name of the girl, should have adopted Takako.
Age: Unknown. She is a true immortal and has been around the block more times than was really necessary. You just stop keeping track after a while.
Height: 5'6''
Weight: 175lbs. Pretty much all muscle and bone, people mistake her for weighing less.
Blood Type: A
Appearance: Not pretty, not ugly. pangolin has short chunky purple hair. It isn't naturally that color, she dyes it constantly. Which leads it to be a bit stringy from to many chemicals. She has large pointed ears and is sometimes mistaken for an elf, which annoyes her to some extent. She is anything but an elf and the elves quite agree. Her ears don't stand up, but actually stick out to the side and often droop just a little. From her demon side of the family she has little black wings on her head, which are entirely useless, which annoyes her to no end. She also has a long demonic tail which she often hides under her clothing. On the tips of her fingers she has claws instead of nails. Her eyes are of an emerald green and are shaped in such a way as to give her a constantly annoyed look if she doesn't control her eyebrows. She has dark olive colored skin that tans easily, though she often hides from the sun because normal people are always wandering about during the day and she can't stand normal people for the most part.
Tattoos:Dragons As a joke she had two very cartoonish dragons tattooed on her lower back. One is heating a marshmellow for the other. She sort of wishes she hadn't lost that bet, but at the same time, she still enjoys them.
Family: No. When at all possible pangolin avoids talking about both her estranged mother and her demonic father. Her mother was probably the b*****d child of an elf and something else, but her mother was also a street orphan who fell into the wrong sort of crowd and ended up being possessed by a demon for most of her life, and was possessed at the time she became pregnant with pangolin. The possession was broken and pangolin was born. She always hated her half demon daughter, and made sure to let her know so. Beyond the fact that her father was a demon, pangolin knows nothing else.
Friends: of these she has more than she admits. pangolin sees herself as a loner, and as such she has a lot of friends but none that she gets too close to.
Likes:Chocolate, alcohol, pretending to be a seer, stealing, manipulating, the moon, gold, personal greed, gambling and pretending to be rich.
Dislikes:Elves, angels, things that are pure, flowers, kittens, her family and out of control children.
Current: (though probably outdated)Feeling overwhelmed and wishing she wasn't a loner... sort of a continual life long problem really.


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Pangolin!!!!! 💙💙
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Haha! Not bad, trying to get back to school. You?
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I basically looked at equipped items on other avatars and was like ooh I like that, I wonder what colors it comes in~ then searched the item in the mp, lol. If my trading pass is ever enabled again I'll send you a trade of stuff as a welcome back //_//

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Lol you should check the value of your inventory tho. You'll be surprised. XD
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He randomly posts once in awhile. 3nodding But yeah he's online even if sporadically.

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Been a long time, bby~

Btw, saw your auction and 1m is the new 1k, basically. Inflation hit hard. Trillions are the new millions and everything is nuts. Check your inventory value. >_>