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Location: Carrollton, TX

Birthday: 12/30/1983

Occupation: Software Engineer

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I'm a Software Engineer living in the Dallas area. Yes, I do have a job and life outside of Gaia, lol. I have a degree in Computer Science from Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I grew up in a small town on the river halfway between Baton Rouge and New Orleans and travel home as often as I can.

I love talking with random people and making new friends, but I generally don't accept random friend requests. If you want to add me as a friend, talk to me for a while and get to know me first. ^^ I like art, music, reading, anything I can be creative at, and spending time with friends and family

I'm an Omni Moderator. This means I work on account issues, hacking and scamming cases, special projects related to account security, site safety, and moderator training.

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These are a list of questions I get asked frequently, so please read through these before PMing me. Thanks!

How do I become a moderator?

There is an FAQ at the top of the Questions and Assistance forum. Make sure to read the entire FAQ because there are certain requirements you have to meet in order to become a moderator.

FAQ Link with Moderator Application

Someone asked for my password and claims I will be banned if I don't give it to them. What do I do?

Gaia staff will never ask you for your passwords. If someone is asking for your password, no matter who they claim to be, report them immediately. If you are asked for your password in a private message, click the report button at the top of the private message. If this happened in the forums, report the individual post that asks for the password. If the original poster is asking for your password, report the thread at the bottom of the page.

How can I tell if someone is really a moderator or admin?

Admins, developers/artists, moderators, and forum assistants all have colored names. For more detailed information on spotting Gaia staff, read this announcement.

Oh no! I've been hacked! What do I do?

If you have been hacked, please fill out a hacking report. PMing a moderator will not help you to get your things back, so make sure you report the hacking there. Also, moderators are very busy, so try to be patient once you fill out the report. PMing one ore multiple moderators will not make the process go any faster.

Oh no! I've been scammed! What do I do?

If you have been scammed, please fill out a scamming report. PMing a moderator will not help you to get your things back, so make sure you report the hacking there. Also, moderators are very busy, so try to be patient once you fill out the report. PMing one ore multiple moderators will not make the process go any faster.

Oh no! I've been banned! What do I do?

If you have been banned, you need to fill out a ticket. Moderators do not handle ban appeals, so asking a moderator to unban your account will only result in us telling you to file a ticket. If you would like more information on your ban, though, you can definitely PM me, and I will be happy to explain the circumstances surrounding the ban.

My ticket has not been looked at since I filed three weeks ago. What do I do?

We ask that you please be patient when filing tickets. The help center gets a lot of traffic, and sometimes tickets can take some time to resolve. Messaging a moderator about your ticket will not get it handled faster since moderators are assigned to report queues, not the ticket queues.

I heard mods have a super-secret item generator. Is this true?

If this was true, I wouldn't need my art shop! Moderators have to work for their gold just like everyone else.


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Desna Report | 12/27/2017 12:17 pm
Thank you, Pandi
Aeony Report | 10/05/2017 9:18 am
I shall root for you! 3nodding
I never get to vote on any of the top avatars. So far it seems like just a the same handful that keep popping up, more or less. I wonder how that system works...

The All tab and me, we're best buddies. I even have a browser shortcut right to it. XD
In fact, I have started taking notes for a small thread on inventory wrangling tips. I looked around but could find nothing, so maybe that's a thing. I certainly learned a lot by trial and error lately. sweatdrop

I shall marry your inventory when that option becomes available. (Boyfriend will have to accept a threesome.) So beautiful! <3 It should feature in one of those OCD-soothing videos on youtube.
Junai Bokunenjin Report | 10/05/2017 8:34 am
Junai Bokunenjin
heart heart heart
Aeony Report | 10/05/2017 1:29 am
*nods* Not accepting random friends requests is a mod thing; I completely understand. I think I still have that setting on here.
I'll PM you from that account. <3

Thanks for the Runway tip! I disovered that place only a few days ago on my own but it's easy to miss. For some reason I just hadn't checked before. Slowly, very slowly, I am getting to know the newer nooks and crannies. Heh, when I left paws and astra weren't a thing yet. I don't really remember alchemy either. Interesting developments!
There certainly is a lot more to do than I thought.

I am still busy sorting inventories.
How do you really sort items when they come with so many poses that are really different types of things? Currently I am going by icon but that does not help much while dressing up. How does one remember what's inside which? @_@
Aeony Report | 10/03/2017 4:19 pm
I'd absolutely love some advice on what to sell and what to open. I've always been awful with decisions like that. 3nodding
It's a lot of fun to open the login gift each day though. All the fun, none of the stress.

I really get stressed easily. That's actually affecting me physically more than ever, so moderating? I did not even know that might be an option again. I'd totally want to, but between stress and health issues and some stuff I really need to tackle IRL it might be a long while until I feel up to even trying.

It's awesome you found a balance that works for you! I feel like that should be the goal for most things in life, huh? Finding the right balance.

I really don't know what I am doing at the moment except feeling my way around. I suppose I am more consistently online on my old main account though. It seems to all be part of that nostalgia thing, going back to how I started out originally. We'll see. Is it okay if I add you on there? Although it might make no difference, since I do log into every single account/mule every day and still consider this a second main anyway. (Addicted to those freebies, hah!)
Aeony Report | 10/02/2017 6:10 am
Being a mod and hanging out with you guys was definitely the biggest draw for me during my last four years on this site. Being part of a pretty tight community of reasonable adults (who mostly enjoy pixels, cute stuff, and art), while also having something useful to do - that felt great and it also taught me a lot in many ways.

The stress finally got to me, though. I haven't been social for a while now. Sometimes it flares up for a while in whatever place I'm in at the moment, but then I just implode and go quiet. I'm still hoping to find some kind of balance eventually, because it hurts to think of all the people I left behind.

Also, the longer I am gone, the more I worry that something bad will have happened to the people I cared about, or that they'll be upset with me, which makes it even more difficult to sneak back in.

Anyway! Heh, I am totally spamming your profile these days. I wonder if anyone goes to the effort to jump back and forth between our profiles to read the entire conversation. XD

Thank you again for the newest batch of pretties. <3
I wonder, do you want me to hang on to things or is the intention also for trading? Also, do you recommend selling RIGs or opening them?
I have been opening my dailies and it's been fun. I think it'd be stressful to open them if I had put down money for them though. >_>
Aeony Report | 10/01/2017 8:45 pm
Well, I definitely and deeply appreciate your generosity, as long as this is some kind of overflow for you. <3 (Otherwise I'll be crushed with guilt. gonk ... Damn, I missed that emoticon.)

Oddly enough I saw a surprising amount of Angelic Halos for sale. I heard they were re-released at some point, so that might account for the number? Who knows. There are certainly enough halos of various types and colours around now to satisfy any aspiring angel's fashionable desires on a budget. XD

I thought the crazy inflation was a result of gold generators. More or less. If those are still around... Hm, it would depend on how much they pay out by the new standards. The fact that you cannot trade or buy/sell for anything less than 10 million gold certainly raises the roof on what amounts to more than a drop in a bucket.

But I know absolutely nothing of finance. Scary subject!

What really makes me sad is to think of the events I missed. And not even for the items (although some are super cute), but because my memories of this site are the best in that regard. I will never forget the first few Halloweens, the excitement and fun! <3 So glad I am here this year, even if it ends up merely a huge case of nostagia.
Aeony Report | 10/01/2017 12:43 pm
Yep, it's interesting how the once most expensive (because early and rare) items have dropped so very much in value. I figure it's due to the recolours/re-relases and the fact that the newer stuff is often more detailed and in particular comes with a bazillion of item poses each. Maybe people also don't dress for inherent prestige anymore?

I know I've said this before (or I think I did), but I am so very glad I was not here during the period of gold explosion. It actually was the "new currency" and "Lanzer is back" email that made me check back in. Looks like those things are working out well from the little I have seen yet. I mean I know that at least returning users (and presumably new ones too) have a pretty neat starting point now.

I'm looking forward to having fun with all the loot you sent. Thank you again so, so much! <3
The Shark Husband made me laugh like a maniac just now. XD These items are really all mini collections of stuff. Figuring out combinations will be a sweet challenge.

I'm considering sending some stuff over to my old main account - although I might lose track of things there in the middle of all the cheapish items I bought with the... starter money (?) I found in each account. And all the stuff I collected randomly. XD (HOARDING, OMG! It has already begun. I need to sort out the inventories really fast before it gets too much!)

... On that thought I need to go and accept your shiny new trade to fuel my greedy hoarding impulses. emotion_bigheart
Aeony Report | 10/01/2017 6:52 am
emotion_jawdrop Whoa! That's like... *is floored*

You're sure you can spare all that? It's like a huge flood of OMG-awesomeness. There are even the original Mini Angel Wings! Did you know that they were the first item I quested for with my main account back in December 2003? The emotional significance of these is huge for me.

*hugs tightly* I am just bowled over right now. Thank you so much! emotion_bigheart
Aeony Report | 09/29/2017 2:33 am
XD Heh, my first instinct is to offer to hermit together. Not sure that is how either hermiting or stopping to hermit is supposed to work.
My boyfriend (still the same one as ever) already commented that it looks like I have returned for real. I keep denying it but... then I just need to look up one more thing on the Marketplace...

But I am really happy we reconnected. It feels huge to me, in the best way. <3

*goes back to staring at the cute blinking chibi on top of the profile page* It just slays me with the cute. 4laugh


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