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:] Konichiwa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yupp! Im That Hyper Chica, That Is Very Pickiee On What She Wants And What She Gets!!!!!Thee Namez Rebekah NOT Rebecca!!So Get That Rightt! Calla Me Beka..! Or ReRe..! (; Because Im A Blonde ..! But Thats Just Me, So Dont Count On Me If I Say Ill Do Something For Ya..! And Im A Really Outgoing Kinda Person, Im Random And Pretty Much, > Evertything< ! When You Get To Know Me The Hyperness Startz!!! I Am ALLWAYS Hyper For Some Reason, Idk Why.. Try Asking My Sista Her Gaia Name Is x_Seductivex3 ! I Havee My Moments So Yurpp.. Ask Me Anything Else You Want Toooo Know! Well.. Byez!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [:


Kesha.. Enjoy :]

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<---- My real sis...!

║(o)║♥ i love musica!

Funni..! xD

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