-To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.
-People only sing the things that are to stupid to say.
-I'll be out of my mind, and you'll be out of ideas pretty soon.

Favorite converstaions of this year:

Freak: I don't get why people where skulls.
Josy: I wear them sometimes.
Me: Yeah, I've worn some too.
Freak: -Says in really high pitch voice- OH MY LAWD! -Runs and throws lunch box at us.-
Rachel: You have something on your face.
James: Oh no, what is it?
Sabrina: Gay.

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So, the fork ran away with the spoon

i like to do.... stuff, you want more??? what do you expect from me a best selling novel?!?!?!


Hey You;;
I'm Rachel. In general, I'd have to say I'm at a pretty good time in my life, everything seems to work out around now. Sure there are people and situations that bring me down every day, but of course I try and get up, bringing my friends along with me. I hate young people. Sadly, I am one. I know that I'm not going to make that much of a difference, or touch very many people's lives, not now, not in twenty years, but I know I still have a purpose.I do horribly in school, and I dread it each and every morning, mostly because of history.Although, I like writing essays, I like doing book reports, I even like labeling sentences. In other words, I'm an English nerd. Math, Science, and like I said History-Not so much. Reading's fine too. Not my favorite, but I don't fail. Anyway, that's enough about me, PM me, because I told you my story, now I get to hear yours. (;

I've quit gaia for now.
I might come back in a very long time, but I'd start all over-So I probably won't. There's no particular reason for my quitting, I just feel I need to. Thank you to all who have helped me through out the years, and all who have given me advice, donations, and random comments/Pm's/Friend requests.Before I leave, there are four words I must say: I. Love. The. Chatterbox.

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Yes, that's me...Bleh.

I always love my signatures, Haha

I used to want Andy Samberg's babies.
Now I want Max Bemis's kids.
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I've quit gaia for now. Sorry.
P.S-Cannibal Fanny is my English Muffin. 4laugh