Well....seems youve got yourself a stalker status by acutally shifting your beady little eyes over here, thats right, imma talking about YOU lawl jkjk anywayz I like

-anime...? kinda? its okay i read it now and then but....I won't say I'm a freak or anything....

-video games....HECK YES! I LOVE THESE LITTLE DAMN THINGS! x3 Im a big fan of nintendo and I can talk for hours (well not really) about it. Im aiming for an xbox 360! cause.....the wii is just so damn boring! damn those family games! x.X Im turning over to the microsoft side now ;D

-DRAGONS! LOVE EM NOT HATE EM. Theyre beautiful creatures of lore and I love their majecticality! I love drawing them and guh must I say more? naw its okay I'll stop.

-IMMA PIANST! (yes laugh at how you say it) but only a couple months so I'm really not that good...meheheh

-ARTIST?! Yes i am ohohoho i love to draw and write stories! ahahahah Im not very good, but I try my best! Which is enough to be an artist! BWUAHAHAHAHA!

-MUSIC? I love rock PERIOD. I like other variety but ROCK IS THE BEST! I specifically love punk rock ^w^ my bands? here ya go (if you never heard of them you should check them out!) Skillet, Sum41, New Found Glory, RISE AGAINST!!!!!!, Good Charlotte, and many more too lazy to list lawl!