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kanji96 Report | 10/06/2017 7:05 pm
Your pink-white-black avatar looks so cool! heart
stellya Report | 08/02/2016 8:53 am
heart ~Thank you for buying~ heart
Lord Saiax Report | 07/08/2016 1:44 pm
thank you for buying
Lion Dust Report | 09/15/2015 5:51 pm
Thanks for buying!
I Ai Mei I Report | 04/15/2014 4:05 pm
Hmm my favorite character would be either Nico Robin or Boa Hancock. What about yours?
I Ai Mei I Report | 04/14/2014 7:53 pm
Yay ONE PIECE!!~ whoops sorry a random person passing by cat_sweatdrop cat_4laugh
General SuperFly Report | 04/23/2011 6:34 pm
xp Oh yes, yes I did. twisted
chibijaxie Report | 04/23/2011 6:18 pm
Hehe. Well I am Queen. 8D
chibijaxie Report | 04/22/2011 3:57 pm
Yayayayyayayaayayaaya. I am. Heheheehe.
I'm taking over. 8D
General SuperFly Report | 04/21/2011 5:19 pm
-pulls Clover out- HA!

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Love: Anima/manga, singing, internet, reading, drawing

Hate: Rude/annoying people, bugs, blood, olives, and bananas

Current Obsession: One Piece, My Hero Academia, and Miraculous Ladybug

I can be a pretty random person when I'm around the right people. But I'm also pretty dang awkward and shy so there's that. It may take me a few tries to actually talk to someone without sounding like a robot, woops.

Quick look at me, I am a lazy person and I tend to procrastinate, but when I'm interested in something I focus on it entirely until the task is finished. When I'm with my friends, I'll feel comfortable enough to act like an idiot and make a habit of freaking out anyone near me who doesn't know me pfff.
I love to draw characters and stuff, but if I have paint I like doing scenery. Both traditional and digital art have their good points, but I suck at both lmao. I like to read too and have a little over too many books to keep track of. I'm not into manga/anime as much as I used to be and it is a little sad, but people move on I guess. Right now, I'm only keeping up with One Piece, My Hero Academia, and some shoujos.

I just wrote a wall. D:
Sorry 'bout that.


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