hello all of you this is my profile for rp games

name:pamy drakend
sex: lesbian
race: human
look: as my avi
extra: dominant and usually cruel
how big are your breasts?: C-cup
fetish: actually craving for, bondage, slaves, guro (soft or hardcore), bestiality, watersports, furry

im les, so i dont play with men, i use to play as a girl but if someone ask me for it i can play as a futa, i usually dont take futa partners unless the plot is fabulous
i usually play in third person talking on ".." and actions on *...*
i like to play long rp so i like to continue answering for many days, sometimes i have to go but we can continue it the next day
if you want me to use a rpc ask me for it
if the game is taking so long for you just ask me to start a new one
i can play multi character

actually looking for this kind of games:
fantasy based
pirate/ prisioner
furry as any combination furry/human or furry/furry
mistress/kidnaped girl
sucubbus/girl turning into slave of the succubus
im also loving to play an anime or videogame based rp, just ask for it honey

if you have any kind of game do you want to play or any special fetish do you want to try just ask me and we can enjoy it


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preferences, fetish, and plots

anything you must know before to be my pet (or just if you want to get turned on)


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Report | 11/17/2013 2:45 am


o,o! I remember you! I was friends with you on my old profile, Addicted to Romance, right? 0v0 Gosh we haven't talked in forever, how have you been? blaugh
Kira Carme

Report | 09/16/2011 11:00 pm

Kira Carme

mm, thank you miss!<3
Kira Carme

Report | 09/15/2011 10:38 pm

Kira Carme

heart love your rp ideas

Report | 07/13/2011 1:07 am


i am looking for a gaia mistress care to be it ill be a good slave
Bacon Fr3ak

Report | 03/31/2011 5:43 am

Bacon Fr3ak

thxs for buying!!!
Ipat Ayu

Report | 11/27/2009 11:10 pm

Ipat Ayu

Yes mistress

Report | 11/27/2009 9:49 pm


Im having so much fun with you! But, I have to log off for the night!
Ipat Ayu

Report | 11/17/2009 10:05 pm

Ipat Ayu

I miss you so much mistress crying

Report | 09/30/2009 5:14 pm


hot avie and profile pics wink
Addicted to Romance

Report | 07/22/2008 12:16 pm

Addicted to Romance

Ooohh.... Mistress, I want the chance to prove myself to try to earn the right to be one of your top slaves... just tell me what I need to do... ^.^ ~<3


back in gaia after a long time off, wanting to have lots of rp games
im les, and dominant, cruel and violent mistress check my profile for rp details
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