Hi nice to meet chya. My name is....well i ain't gonna say so just call me paint. I am in high skool and live on the east coast in tha south. I have good style and good grades. I'm clumbsy a lot! and i trip down the stairs. I tell corny jokes and really funny ones. My hobbies are updating the book i'm curently writing, hanging with my friends, playing with my dog Bridget and watching my fave movies. The book im writing is called Hope and i'm hoping to get it published. IM a pretty down to earth chill kind of person, i can be sensitive. If you feel your not comfy enough to talk to me about your personal life that's fine with me.(i feel the same way sometimes).I put all my friends in one category, online or not, your still my bestie.

My goals for this year are go IMTA. Yes i am a Barbizon USA student and i will be graduating early next year. LMAO im a model in training. IMTA is International Modeling and Talent Association and i just got accepted into it. It is a week long audition that takes place in New York where it's known worldwide to agents/agencies and this is the chance of a lifetime for me being that it is so competitive. I was one of 87 people selected to go out of over 400 people. They even said i had a VOGUE look.Hopefully i will get enough sponsors so wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Goals for this year:

-Get sponsors for IMTA
-Finish 3 chapters of my book
-Get Honor roll at least once
-Stand up for myself more
-Get into a size 8 jeans
-Buy more clothes
-Get more friends on Gaia

-people who constantly talk and never shut up
-someone who annoys me when i want to be left alone
-my dog(when she acts like a total retard,no offense)
-guys who act like jerks
-ppl who are rude and dont have manners
-ppl who are loud,cocky, and obnoxious


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hey !!!
Not Bread

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Not Bread

Nea Jade

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Nea Jade

thx for buyin. biggrin

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u need a tradin pass so sabine can give u some money

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yw^^ and um ask sabine to give u some money n stuff cuz she got some tings

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uhh to put music on ur profile.. i have 2 do it 4 u like i did 4 sabine..cuz im too lazy 2 explainXD just tell me like about 4-8 songs so i can put it on ur playlist and then on ur profile

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I like adding friends!


It's better to be talked about rather than not noticed at all.