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Some samples and minimum bribes.

Commission Form

Commission Form

Subject Line:
Offer - Size and Scope

** 50k - Waist Sketch
** 60k - Bust Fully-Shaded
** 75k - Full-Body Flat-Color

Available Sizes
** Bust
** Waist
** Full Body

Available Scopes
** Sketch
** Colored Sketch
** Line Art
** Flat Color
** Fully Shaded

Backgrounds are unavailable; all commissions will have transparent backgrounds. I do not (yet) do couple or group shots.

Summary: Tell me, in less than 50 words, what you want.

Character/Piece Backstory: I like fiction; the more you interest me, the quicker you get your piece.

Full Description: In case 50 words weren't description enough.

Required Reference Images

Design (You may ask me to combine multiple)
Color Palette (If different from Design)
Pose(s) (You may ask me to combine multiple)

Commission Slots

Commission Slots

1.) Briskiia (Pending)
2.) VVeeb Trash (Pending)
3.) Sanryu Nightz (Pending)
4.) II Chibimoon II (Pending)
5.) ---OPEN---
6.) ---OPEN---
7.) ---OPEN---
8.) ---OPEN---
9.) ---OPEN---
10.) ---OPEN---

Rules & Guidelines

Rules for Requesting Art

1.) Direct all PMs to PaintedEgg, NOT PureEgg (my main). Any PMs requesting art sent to my main will be deleted.

2.) Do NOT send any form of payment until I have sent you your completed (watermarked) commission. I will remove the watermark upon payment.

3.) I have MDD and anxiety, which make social interaction and focusing quite difficult, so I may not get back to you right away. Please be polite and patient; rest assured that I have NOT forgotten you, I'm just overwhelmed and trying to handle all of my emotions.

4a.) You will be placed in a Commission Slot immediately, with (Pending) beside your name. This is so I have a clear record of who I need to contact, and after negotiation, (Pending) will either be replaced with the type of commission and price we agree on, or if you decide against commissioning me, your name will be removed from the list.

4b.) It's not quite "first come, first serve", but first will generally take priority. That said, just because you're in an earlier slot does not mean your
commission will be handled first; I reserve the right to prioritize those who are polite, maintain contact

5.) While I'm not going to fault you for whatever sort of relationship you have with fiction, I will not draw anything I cannot post on Gaia Online, so hentai, lolicon, incest, etc. is out. Violence is apparently fine tho (though don't ask me to draw guts because I'm awful at it).


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sailorsoymilk Report | 08/31/2020 7:59 am
Thank you!! And for the favorite as well! ♡