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Sigh* Bored....
Books I’ve Read or Want to Read:

Books I’ve Read or Want to Read:

Alexandre Dumas
_The Count of Monte Cristo

Alice Hoffman
_Green Angel

Allan Campbell
_DeepGate Codex Book One --- Scar Night

Alma Alexander
_World Weavers

Amelia Atw*ter-Rhodes
_Demon in my View
_In the Forests of the Night
_Shattered Mirror
_Midnight Predator
_Falcon Dance

Anne Schraff
_Bluford High--- Lost and Found
_Bluford High--- A Matter of Trust
_Bluford High--- Secrets in the Shadows
_Bluford High--- Someone to Love Me
_Bluford High--- The Bully
_Bluford High--- Payback
_Bluford High--- Until We Meet Again
_Bluford High--- Blood is Thicker
_Bluford High--- Brothers in Arms
_Bluford High--- Summer of Secrets

Annette Curtis Klause
_Blood and Chocolate

Annie Sage
_Septimus Heap --- Magyk
_Septimus Heap --- Flyte
_Septimus Heap --- Physik

Ann Rice
_Interview with the Vampire

Anthony Horowitz
_The Gate Keepers Book One --- Raven’s Gate
_The Gate Keepers Book Two --- Evil Star
_The Gate Keepers Book Three --- Night Rise
_The Gate Keepers Book Four --- (?)
_Alex Rider One --- Stormbreaker
_Alex Rider Two --- Point Blank
_Alex Rider Three --- Skeleton Key
_Alex Rider Four --- Eagle Strike
_Alex Rider Five --- Scorpia
_Alex Rider Six --- Ark Angel

Arturo Pérez-Reverte
_Captain Alatriste
_Purity of Blood
_The Sun over Breda
_ The King's Gold
_ The Knight in the Yellow Jerkin
_ Corsairs of the Levant

Bette Green
_Summer of my German Soldier
_ Morning is a Long Time Coming

Bonnie Dobkin
_Dream Spinner

Bram Stoker

Cassandra Clare
_The Mortal Instruments--- City of Bones
_ The Mortal Instruments--- City of Ashes
_ The Mortal Instruments--- City of Glass

Charles de Lint
_The Blue Girl

Chris D’ Lacey
_Fire Within
_Fire Star

Chris Humphreys
_The Fetch

Christopher Golden
_Head Games

Christopher Paolini

Chris Wooding
_Storm Theif

Cornelia Funke
_Dragon Rider
_The Thief Lord

C S Lewis
_Chronicles of Narnia--- The Magician’s Nephew
_Chronicles of Narnia--- The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
_Chronicles of Narnia--- The Horse and His Boy
_Chronicles of Narnia--- Prince Caspian
_Chronicles of Narnia--- The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
_Chronicles of Narnia--- The Silver Chair
_Chronicles of Narnia--- The Last Battle

Cynthia Leitich Smith

Dave Pelzer
_A Child Called It

David Almond
_Heaven Eyes

David Chotjewitz
_Daniel Half Human

David Henry Huang
_M. Butterfly

Dianne Hoh
_The Accident

Diana Wynne Jones
_Howl’s Moving Castle
_A Tough Guide to FantasyLand

DJ Mac Hale
_Pendragon One --- The Death Merchant
_Pendragon Two --- The Lost City of Farr
_Pendragon Three --- The Never War
_Pendragon Four --- Reality Bug
_Pendragon Five --- Black Water
_Pendragon Six --- The Rivers of Zadaa
_Pendragon Seven --- The Quillian Games
_Pendragon Eight --- The Pilgrims of Rayne
_Pendragon Nine --- Raven Rise
_Pendragon Ten --- (?)

Donna Ja Napoli

Edgar Allan Poe
[In “Edgar Allan Poe’s—Best Tales of Mystery and Imagination”:
_The Pit and the Pendulum
_William Wilson
_The Fall of the House of Usher
_The Tale of the Ragged Mountains
_The Murders in the Rue Morgue
_The Domain of Arnheim
_The Cask of Amontillado
_Landor’s Cottage
_The Gold Bug
_The Island of the Fae
_The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar
_The Man of the Crowd
_MS. Found in a Bottle
_Shadow—A Parable
_Silence—A Fable
_The Black Cat
_The Tell-Tale Heart
_The Colloquy of Monos and Una
_The Conversation of Eiros and Charmion
_The Oblong Box
_The Assignation
_King Pest
_The Oval Portrait
_A Descent into the Maelstrom
_The Purloined Letter
_The Duc De L’Omelette
_The Premature Burial
_The Adventure of One Hans Pfaall
_Mellonta Tauta
_The Balloon-Hoax
_The Thousand-and-Second Tale
_The Imp of the Perverse
_The Spectacles
_The Man That Was Used Up
_X-ing a Paragrab
_A Predicament
_The Mystery of Marie Roget
_Some Words with a Mummy
_’Thou Art the Man’
_Doctor Tarr and Professor Fether]
[In “The Raven and Other Poems”:
_The Lake
_Sonnet—To Science
_ [Alone]
_ Introduction
_To Helen
_The Valley of Unrest
_The City in the Sea
_To One in Paradise
_The Coliseum
_The Haunted Place
_The Conqueror Worm
_The Raven
_ [“Deep in Earth”]
_To M. L. S.—
_Ulalume—A Ballad
_The Bells
_To Helen [Whitman]
_A Dream Within a Dream
_For Annie
_To My Mother
_Annabel Lee]

Edward Bloor

Elizabeth Kay
_The Divide
_Back to the Divide
_Jinx on the Divide

Elizabeth Kerner
_Song in the Silence--- The Tale of Lanen Kaelar
_The Lesser Kindred
_Redeeming the Lost

Ellen Schreiber
_Vampire Kisses
_Kissing Coffins
_ Vampireville
_ Dance with a Vampire
_ Coffin Club (?)
_ Blood Relatives (?)

Eloise Jarvis McGraw
_Mara—Daughter of the Nile

Eoin Colfer
_ Supernaturalists
_The Wishlist
_Artemis Fowl
_Artemis Fowl --- The Artic Incident
_Artemis Fowl --- The Eternity Cube
_Artemis Fowl --- The Opal Deception
_Artemis Fowl --- The Lost Colony
_Artemis Fowl --- The Time Paradox

Erin Hunter
_Warriors --- Into the Wild
_Warriors --- Fire and Ice
_Warriors --- Forest of Secrets
_Warriors --- Rising Storm
_Warriors --- A Dangerous Path
_Warriors --- The Darkest Hour
_Warriors—The New Prophecy--- Midnight
_Warriors—The New Prophecy--- Moonrise
_Warriors—The New Prophecy--- Dawn
_Warriors—The New Prophecy--- Starlight
_Warriors—The New Prophecy--- Twilight
_Warriors—The New Prophecy--- Sunset
_Warriors—Power of Three--- The Sight
_Warriors—Power of Three--- Dark River
_Warriors—Power of Three--- Outcast

Eva Ibbotson
_Countess Below Stairs

Francine Rivers
_As Sure as the Dawn

Frank Beddor
_The Looking Glass Wars
_Seeing Red

Freedom Writers

Gabrielle Zevin

Garth Nix
_Keys to the Kingdom --- Mister Monday
_Keys to the Kingdom --- Grim Tuesday
_Keys to the Kingdom --- Drowned Wednesday
_Keys to the Kingdom --- Sir Thursday
_Keys to the Kingdom --- Lady Friday
_Keys to the Kingdom --- Superior Saturday
_Keys to the Kingdom --- Lord Sunday
_Shade’s Children
_Old Kingdom --- Sabriel
_Old Kingdom --- Lirael
_Old Kingdom --- Abhorsen
_Old Kingdom --- Clariel – The Lost Abhorsen
_Old Kingdom --- (?)
_Seventh Tower --- The Fall
_Seventh Tower --- The Castle
_Seventh Tower --- Aenir
_Seventh Tower --- Above the Veil
_Seventh Tower --- Into Battle
_Seventh Tower --- The Violet Keystone

Holly Black

H P Lovecraft

Isabel Hoving
_The Dream Merchant

Jack London
_White Fang

James Patterson
_Maximum Ride --- The Angel Experiment
_Maximum Ride --- School’s Out - Forever
_Maximum Ride --- Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports
_Maximum Ride --- The Final Warning
_When the Wind Blows
_The LakeHouse

Jeanne DuPrau
_City of Embers

J K Rowling
_Harry Potter --- The Philosopher’s Stone (The Sorcerer’s Stone)
_Harry Potter --- The Chamber of Secrets
_Harry Potter --- The Prisoner of Azkaban
_Harry Potter --- The Goblet of Fire
_Harry Potter --- The Order of the Phoenix
_Harry Potter --- The Half Blood Prince
_Harry Potter --- The Deathly Hallows

Joan Lowery Nixon
_Whispers from the Dead

Jodi Picoult
_My Sister’s Keeper
_Change of Heart

J R R Tolkien
_The Hobbit
_The Silmarillion
_Lord of the Rings--- The Fellowship of the Ring
_Lord of the Rings--- Two Towers
_Lord of the Rings--- The Return of the King

J R Ward
_Black Dagger Brotherhood--- Dark Lover
_ Black Dagger Brotherhood--- Lover Eternal
_ Black Dagger Brotherhood--- Lover Awakened
_ Black Dagger Brotherhood--- Lover Revealed
_ Black Dagger Brotherhood--- Lover Unbound
_ Black Dagger Brotherhood--- Lover Enshrined
_ Black Dagger Brotherhood--- Lover Avenged

Kate Cary
_Bloodline --- Reckoning

Kathleen Benner Duble
_(?)Ghost Hotel
_(?)Ghost Hotel---

Kathryn Lasky
_Guardians of Ga’Hoole --- The Capture
_Guardians of Ga’Hoole --- The Journey
_Guardians of Ga’Hoole --- The Rescue
_Guardians of Ga’Hoole --- The Siege
_Guardians of Ga’Hoole --- The Shattering
_Guardians of Ga’Hoole --- The Burning
_Guardians of Ga’Hoole --- The Outcast
_Guardians of Ga’Hoole --- The First Collier
_Guardians of Ga’Hoole --- The Coming of Hoole
_Guardians of Ga’Hoole --- To be a King
_Guardians of Ga’Hoole --- The Golden Tree
_Guardians of Ga’Hoole --- The River of Wind
_Guardians of Ga’Hoole --- The Exile
_Guardians of Ga’Hoole ---

Kevin Brooks
_The Road of the Dead

Kristen Cast

Laurie Halse Anderson

Lemony Snicket
_Series of Unfortunate Events--- The Bad Beginning
_Series of Unfortunate Events--- The Reptile Room
_Series of Unfortunate Events--- The Wide Window
_Series of Unfortunate Events--- The Miserable Mill
_Series of Unfortunate Events--- The Austre Academy
_Series of Unfortunate Events--- The Ersatz Elevator
_Series of Unfortunate Events--- The Vile Village
_Series of Unfortunate Events--- The Hostile Hospital
_Series of Unfortunate Events--- The Carnivorous Carnival
_Series of Unfortunate Events--- The Slippery Slope
_Series of Unfortunate Events--- The Grim Grotto
_Series of Unfortunate Events--- The Penultimate Peril
_Series of Unfortunate Events--- The End

Lincoln Collier
_The Empty Mirror

Lisi Harrison
_A Clique Novel--- Best Friends for Never
_A Clique Novel--- Revenge of the Wannabes
_A Clique Novel--- Invasion of the Boy Snatchers
_A Clique Novel--- The Pretty Committee Strikes Back
_A Clique Novel--- Dial L for Losers
_A Clique Novel--- It’s Not Easy Being Mean
_A Clique Novel--- Sealed with a Diss
_A Clique Novel--- Bratfest at Tiffany’s
_A Clique Novel--- P.S. I Loath You
_The Clique Summer Collection

LJ Smith
_Vampire Diaries One --- The Awakening
_Vampire Diaries Two --- The Struggle
_Vampire Diaries Three --- The Fury
_Vampire Diaries Four --- The Dark Reunion
_Night of the Solstice
_Heart of Valor
_The Forbidden Game --- The Hunter
_The Forbidden Game --- The Chase
_The Forbidden Game --- The Kill
_Dark Visions --- The Strange Power
_Dark Visions --- The Possessed
_Dark Visions --- The Passion
_Night World --- Secret Vampire
_Night World --- Daughters of Darkness
_Night World --- Spellbinder/Enchantress
_Night World --- Dark Angel
_Night World --- The Chosen
_Night World --- Soulmate
_Night World --- Huntress
_Night World --- Black Dawn
_Night World --- Witchlight
_Night World --- Strange Fate

Lois Lowry
_The Giver
_Gathering Blue

Lloyd Alexander
_Time Cat

Madeline L’ Engle
_A Wrinkle in Time
_A Wind in the Door
_Many Waters
_A Swiftly Tilting Planet
_An Acceptable Time

Marcus Sedgwick
_Book of Dead Days

Margaret Peterson Haddix
_Double Identity
_Running Out of Time
_The Shadow Children --- Among the Hidden
_The Shadow Children --- Among the Imposters
_The Shadow Children --- Among the Betrayed
_The Shadow Children --- Among the Barons
_The Shadow Children --- Among the Brave
_The Shadow Children --- Among the Enemy
_The Shadow Children --- Among the Free

Marianne Curley
_Old Magic

Marilynn Byerly
_Star Crossed

Marion Zimmer Bradley
_Mists of Avalon

Mark Twain
_Huckleberry Finn
_Prince and the Pauper

Melissa de la Cruz
_Blue Bloods
_ Revelations

Melissa Marr
_Wicked Lovely
_Ink Exchange

Melvin Burgess
_Blood Tide

Michael Crichton

Myrgini Stephanides
_The Book of baby Animal Butts

Nathaniel Hawthorn
_The Minister’s Black Veil
_The Birthmark

N D Wilson
_100 Cupboards

Neal Shusterman

Neil Gaiman

O R Melling
The Summer King

Pam Muños Ryan
_Esperanza Rising

Patricia McCormick

P.C. Cast
_Goddess of Love
_Goddess of the Rose
_Goddess of Light
_Goddess of Spring
_Goddess of the Sea
_Goddess by Mistake
_Divine by Blood
_Divine by Choice
_Divine by Mistake
_Brighid’s Quest
_Elphame’s Choice

P.C. Cast and Kristen Cast

Phillip Pullman
_His Dark Materials--- The Golden Compass
_His Dark Materials--- The Subtle Knife
_His Dark Materials--- The Amber Spyglass
_Lyra’s Oxford
¬_The Book of Dust

Richard Adams
_Watership Down

Rick Riordan
_Percy Jackson and the Olympians One --- Lightning Theif
_Percy Jackson and the Olympians Two --- Sea of Monsters
_Percy Jackson and the Olympians Three --- The Titan’s Curse
_Percy Jackson and the Olympians Four--- The Battle of the Labyrinth

Rita Murphy

Robert Cormier
_The Rag and Bone Shop

Sam Enthoven
_The Black Tattoo

Sarah Weeks
_So B. It

Scott Westerfeld
_Last Days
_Midnighters Series --- Secret Hour
_Midnighters Series --- Touching Darkness
_Midnighters Series --- Blue Noon

Sebastian Rook
_The Vampire Plagues--- London 1850
_The Vampire Plagues--- Paris 1850
_The Vampire Plagues--- Mexico 1850

Sherwood Smith
_Crown Duel

Stephenie Meyer
_New Moon
_Midnight Sun
_Breaking Dawn

Susan Cooper
_The Dark is Rising Sequence --- Over Sea, Under Stone
_The Dark is Rising Sequence --- The Dark is Rising
_The Dark is Rising Sequence --- Greenwitch
_The Dark is Rising Sequence --- The Grey King
_The Dark is Rising Sequence --- Silver on the Tree

Suzan Weyn
_The Bar Code Tatoo
_The Bar Code Rebellion

Sylvia Brown and Lindsay Harrison
_Book of Dreams

Tamora Pierce
_Immortals Book I --- Wild Magic
_Immortals Book II --- Wolf Speaker
_Immortals Book III --- Emperor Mage
_Immortals Book IV --- Realm of the Gods

Tanalith Lee
_Wolf Tower
_Wolf Star
_Wolf Queen
_Wolf Wing

Walt Morey
_Kavik the Wolf Dog

William Shakesphere
_A Midsummer Night’s Dream
_Romeo and Juliet

Zoran Drvenkar
Tell Me What You See

King Arthur
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight


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